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Lyricia (Pregabalin)
8 Replies
Trish - August 7

I have seen different opinions on this forum about pregabalin. One favourable - the rest not.

I came across this item on

is a pain reliever manufactured by Pfizer. In clinical trials of Pregabalin there were reports of mice developing tumors. This led Pregabalin manufacturer to cancel further studies of the drug in humans. Despite these serious Pregabalin adverse effects the drug continues to be studied and Pfizer is planning on submitting a New Drug Application to the FDA by the end of 2002."

As I am considering whether I should ask to try this drug out, I would like to know what others think/have found out about it.


AKFlyfisher - January 4

I tried it and didnt like it at all. I didnt fall asleep for 4 nights straight, it also made my vision real blurry and I sit at a PC at work all day. I wouldnt not recommend this drug. Elavil is the only one I have found for me at 100mg, but it wore off after 2 years of use. I am going back and might ask for paxil during the daytime.


Linda Bowles - January 4

It does help with the pain-but there are side effects-developing high blood pressure and migraine headaches


Ms. Alexander - February 23

I was informed by a Cancer patient; that the drug Syrica was being prescribed by her physician. Of course, this is 2006 & not 2002!

I have Fibrmyalgia and I have not found it necessary to use any medication, stronger than Tramadol. I do suffer from lack of energy and disruptive sleep patterns. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia toward the end of gradauate school. (I graduated in 12/04)..I am going to see a new doctor this coming Friday, February 24, 2006. I am a counselor and this has really placed a "kink" in my plans!


Bob BIege - May 7

Would this product work for archnoditius?


carrie - July 4

i have diabetic neuropathy will this medication give me some relief


Blake - July 9

I was in a long term Pfizer study using this drug but it failed to offer any relief for pain. After an extended period, I did become more productive, but I'm not sure the drug was responsible. After the study ended, there was an extended withdrawal period leaving me feeling worse than ever. But eventually I recovered and I feel as good off of the drug as I did on it. So I'm not sure the drug had any positivie effects. It does have some negative side effects though...


dana - July 12

I have been on Lyrica for about 6 months, and it has helped tremendously with my pain and sleep issues. I love it and plan to continue taking until I have a very good reason not to.


Amy - August 7

Does it make you tired during the day when you 1st start it I am on Tramodol now and it is just not enough I mean I want to be my old self again!!!!



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