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3 Replies
dwilmoth - August 22

Anyone tried this new drug advertised on TV?


barnes3188 - August 22

I tried it and it made me feel dizzy tired and just plain out of it. Everyone I've met with fibro. says this is a horrible drug and shouldn't be used. I very much agree.


rio - August 26

I took it for about 14 days until I realized it was the factor that was making me feel worse. I could not walk across the room due to fatigue. I quit using it and the fatigue is becoming dimmer.


no12nome - September 2

After nearly a year and a half and multiple Dr's trying to find what was causing the pain radiating through my body and trying multiple anti depressants (although I was not depressed) and nearly every pain pill on the market my neurologist just diagnosed me with fibromayalgia. I was skeptical however very hopefuly when she mentioned Lyrica. I started it aprox a week ago and unlike most people and post I have read I had AMAZING results. I am on 75mg AM and PM and moving up in two weeks, however I finaly slept through the night my pain and stiffness was almost non existant it was a night and day difference for me. Even my family could not believe the almost overnight change. I am SO THANKFUL I finaly have relief I was at my witts end. I finaly feel myself I am not whinning and conplaining and am no longer on edge 24 hrs a day. I am able to enjoy my family and my life. I am remaining hopeful that it will continue to work for me. The one drawback is I feel muscle weekness my Dr said this will wear off. But for me that is a minimal price to pay for the results I have experienced. It is def. worth a try my belief is everyones body's are different and you have to search to find what fits YOUR body. My advice is don't give up looking for relief you will find it eventualy. For me Lyrica has been a total God sent!!
Best of luck to you and God Bless!



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