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Losing weigt on Lyrica
38 Replies
January - June 23

Thanks - I didn't mean to come across harshly! And I too am very grateful for Ambien which gives me no side effects now that I use it to supplement my melatonin.

And, did I tell you that strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar are amazing! Hugs back at you! Oh yeah, and… happy birthday!


Pikespeak - June 23

LOL! I make a mean fresh fruit tart with a ground almond meal shortbread crust. Interested? The flour will need a substitution to make it GF. I have a photo of it with my grandchildren and me...too bad there's no way to post it here! :-(


Pikespeak - June 23

OOPS! Will post the recipe under GF diet if you are interested....


Marsha Mellow - July 30

My update on lyrica and weight gain. I did not wish to give up and sit at home eating pots of chocolate feeling sorry for myself so decided to try another diet other than a calorie controlled one. I went on the South Beach Diet and lost six pounds in the first 10 days. It shows that weight can be lost but the question is will it stay off ?


back2game - August 29

Think long and hard before starting Lyrica. It does not work for everyone (like the ad says). I was on 400 mg per day and was in so much pain I was bed-ridden. Vicious cycle of feeding the brain more and more. Weaned off over 2 weeks (worst time of my life) and I'm now free from it. I'm convinced it was literally killing me.

I'm 2 months out and my fingernails are now just starting to grow. Was on it for 3 years and I regret every day that I took it. Sorry for being a downer about this med, but I'm passionate about getting the info out there for all who need it.


January - August 29

Celia - The sore, red cracks at the side of the mouth are diagnostic indicators for gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Please check into this, as that may be part of your problem with the weight. Doctors who aren't educated about gluten and celiac think it's a chlldhood allergy with diarrhea. NO. It's an autoimmune disease affecting the small intestine, and a lot of times people are overweight, not underweight, and have no diarrhea. They might have constipation or no GI symptoms at all. There are many, many other symptoms linked to gluten problems. You can google for more info. Good luck with it!


January - August 29

back2game - have you considered filing a report with the FDA? You can access the forms online. Most of us who have bad drug reactions don't file reports, but we really should. The FDA does not have adequate information about drugs if we, the end users, don't let them know…

I am so glad I never touched Lyrica. I watched other people go through a terrible time with it. Who knows, I might be someone who can tolerate it, but I won't take the chance on being that sick.


naturalstyles - July 17

Hello, I found this thread, so glad I did. I was given Lyrica to treat pain due to a car accident from last October. I have issues with my neck. I was only on it for less than 2 months, and it seemed I gained quite a bit of weight, about 20 pounds or so. I asked to be taken off it because it didn't help relieving the pain, or the constant headaches. I was also terribly swollen in my hands, feet and legs. The only shoes I could wear comfortably was flip flops, and even then, they were tight. (I have ones that have macrame fabric on top, not plastic or leather). I am now slowly being weaned off the lyrica. I would have quit immediately if they would have let me. I have had tons of medications, none of them caused this side effect. None of them helped with the pain. In my opinion, Lyrica is too expensive to take, and not worth all of the side effects it causes. For the swelling, I used natural diuretics: watermelon, caffeine, pineapple and such. I try to turn to mother nature to heal instead of drugs when ever I can. Hope you find a solution to lose weight....It is a huge struggle for me too, and I am usually okay to lose weight when I set my mind to it.



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