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TERESA - August 23

I saw my doctor yesterday. He told me that he didnt believe I had FMS. He has been treating me for post herpatic neuralgia. I dont believe I have PHN. Anyway he said he wanted to start taking me off my pain meds. He said that most people with FMS have pain wether they are taking narcotics or not. If I continue to take narcotics I will become addicted. I am taking Vicodin 7.5 three times a day and Lycra 75 four times a day. Im still in a lot of pain but at least I am able to function. This scares me! I dont want to be an addict but I dont want to be in pain all the time either. I need some feed back!


Lisa - May 27

I hope my answer goes thru.....if not email me at:[email protected] I have a lot of information reageding addiction versus "tolerance", and no you should not taken off your meds if they give u some quality of life.


Lisa Simon - May 27

What I would be more concerned about it the Acetemetaphin(tylenol) that is part of the make up of Vicodin. That can ruin your liver. Perhaps a "pure drug" like Oxycodone, Dilaudid, even methadone or durgesic patches may work better for you. The key is finding a doctor who will listen to you. Doctors don't know everything, and sometimes we tend to try to go along with the program as he dictates, but it may not be in your best interest, and not the proper treatment for you. If I was you I would be scared too! It is a blessing when a medication can mean the difference between being bed-ridden, and being able to take a shower and maybe cook a meal for yourself, or plain just have a halfway decent day!
FMS is tricky, and a lot of doctors are so mis-informed about it, even though there are so many people out there with it. If you would like, Email me and maybe I can help you with some strategies on how to get the pain control that you need.
I can be reached at: [email protected]
Hope to hear from you soon, and good luck! :)


Teresa - June 2

Maybe you can pull yourself out of the pain. We did. is all free - tells how we are doing it. Mostly generic prescription meds, or over the counter, and tricks and tips. It's the combination that makes it all work.


TERESA - July 27

I have been too that sight. I think it's a whole lot of BS! I saw a rheumatologist & am now taking meds that are helping. At least my doctor seems to be more understanding and that helps a lot!


colleen - August 19

Hi Teresa,I too was on vicodin and it really did not help the pain so much but did give me some energy at times.also it is a addictive drug.Now I am taking percocet 10 for pain.along with amitripyline,halcion and feldene at night for sleep which seems to work for me.I also take a muscle relaxer called methocarbamol.When I have bad flare ups ,which usally involve a bad migrane with vomiting[I hate that word] and can last for days,I go to my Dr.and he gives me a shot he calls a cocktail and sometimes an iv drip cause I get so dehydrated.I think the cocktail he gives me is valium,demerol,and something else that starts with "c".Anyway I feel so much better after I see him.I know there is a percocet type drug that does not contain all the asprin.Maybe you could ask him about that.If he does not listen to you and not helping you I would find another doctor who cares about you and what you are telling him.
Take care and good health to you...colleen


colleen - August 19

Teresa,I meant to tell you also my doctor is a former pharmicist and is also the coroner in the city where his office is.He is very knowledgable about fibro and has read many books about it.I trust him more than any other doctor I have been to.


Jessica - August 20

I am trying to find a good doctor around green bay wi, because that is where i live. I was diagnosed with fibro about 7 years ago, I am now 27 and have it so bad I will sometimes be in bed for two days. The only thing that seems to help is a narcotic and I am trying to find a doctor around here that understands that. Colleen, you are truly lucky to find someone who helps you like they do. Where are you from?


TERESA - August 20

Since I wrote this back in May, I have seen a rheumatologist. He diagnosised me with FMS & lupus. My GP seems to have had a change of heart (I think he thought I was faking just to get DRUGS). In any case, he know has me on a drug regiment that is working & it does include narcotics! HE IS NOW LISTENING TO ME! That helps me so much! I've also been doing a lot of research on addiction. There are doctors out there that believe pain is it's own antidote to addiction. In other words if you are taking narcotics for true pain, you will not become addicted. When you start taking narcotics for the feelings of euphoria and haven't any pain, than you run the risk of addiction. Colleen, I'm glad you have found a doctor that will listen to you. I think the drug you are talking about is compazine. Lisa, I am now taking a long lasting pure drug with Vicodin for break through pain.Oxycotin is just way too expensive!!!!! I am one of the many American without insurance! Thanks to everyone out there that is listen.


colleen - August 23

Hi Teresa,I am from New Orleans,I also do not have insurance.I was trying to go through the system at Charity hospital here and then Katrina hit us.So when I came back from evacuation in much much pain from the stress of the hurricane, there was no more hospital or records so I was back at square one.I actually heard of my dr. through a friend.I thank God every day that I found him,he is so good and knows I don't have insurance so he doesn't charge me a whole bunch of money.And never perscribes anything I can't afford.I just love him.I am very happy that your doctor is listening to you,it is so crucial to our well being that our dr's understand.I tell my dr. every little thing and he always takes the time to explain things to me.I had never heard of fibro and didn't understand all the pain I was having for years and years and was glad to have finally get a name to this.I am 50 and I have had pain for as long as I can remember,now I have more and more better days.I have a 3 year old grandson and it was really killing me that I could not pick him up and play on the floor and stuff.Now I can and that is a true blessing in itself.He is so sweet that he will ask me if my arms hurt before I pick him up.I say no they don't then he will jump into my arms.Now if I could only make my husband understand all would be better.It's a shame a 3 year old cares more than a 41 year old man.I am starting not even care about him anymore,I have to worry about me.And my grandson is the only constant in my life,I live for him and my daughter.Well I didn't mean to rattle on,sorry.Good luck to you and I hope you find some good days now that you have your doctor on your side.Good luck....Colleen


ahouck - July 8

You need a new doctor, one that understands that fibro is real and will be willing to help you no matter what you need. I know what it is like to have a Dr. who thinks you are full of crap. He or she doesn't sdeserve your money or your time. You have to weight the pain vs. the effects of drugs.


lightspirit - August 7

Get another doctor, or better still, a pain specialist. This is rubbish he is telling you. The last thing you need is to have your pain meds taken from you my friend! You are only on a small dose anyway. I take 160mg of oxycontin per day in doses of 40mg six hourly, don't let then fool you that they last for 12 hours, ask anyone, they just do not! Yes, you will become dependent, and tolerant which is a nice way of saying 'addicted'. I am addicted. I also have quality of life. I got off all my pain meds last year and I had so much pain I did not want to live so I went back on it all, and this was all started by a doctor like the one you are seeing. So, as I said, you want feedback - get a new doctor who truly understands chronic pain and fibromyalgia, which I have had for over 25 years now from a ruptured silicone breast implant so don't get those and if you already have them, take them out and get an uplift instead.
Write me if you like, I am happy to help.


Misti47 - July 28

YOU'RE NOT AN ADDICT! It is pain medication that hedlps you. Find a better doctor or pain management and get on hydrocodone 10/500 and soma 325 mg 3-4 times a day. It will help you. IF that doesnt help, get something stronger. Never let those IGNORANT doctors tell you that you're an're're in pain and need pain relief.


all44 - May 20

Bless your heart!!! I would be scared too if my doctor said he was going to take me off my pain meds. Before pain meds I had NO quality of life.
You arent even taking that much!!! I take pain meds, muscle relaxers,300 mgs of Lyrica, and some other stuff and I still have a lot of pain, but nothing compared to what I had before pain meds. At one time I stayed in bed for days and weeks at a time just praying for the pain to stop. I have trigeminal neuralgia (face pain) along with my fms. If your doctor is dead set on taking you off your pain meds then you need to find another doctor. Addiction is the least of our worries. I have been taking pain meds for over ten (10) years and I am not an addict. Sure my body is accustomed to getting pain meds everyday, but theres a big difference in being an addict and being accustomed to taking pain meds. Good luck to you...


tnichel - May 21

what are you taking for the lupus? I was diagnosed with it-albeit a mild case. I was on plaquenil but had to stop due to the side effects. I can understand dropping the vicodin. My miracle, non-habit forming pain pill is ultran er 100mlg. I also take a couple of muscle relaxer which have really helped to ease the muscle pains.


fibro78957 - May 23

My rheumy doesnt believe in prescribing narcotics for FM. I was started on Cymbalta when I was diagnosed 8 months ago and I am up to 120 mg now. It has helped with numbness and tingling but not as much with the pain. I also take 200 mg of trazadone and 6 mg melatonin for sleep. I can get about 5-6 hours of sleep on a good night. I take Zonegran and maxalt for migraines. I am a multitude of vitamins due to my nutritional deficiencies. I have been prescribed narcotics when I had three surgeries the end of last year. I have found that they really don't work well controlling pain. I am also on 1000 mg of naproxen which seems to help more with the pain than anything else. I take the naproxen and SSKI for my erythema nodosum.


Noca - May 23

I also have a bone disease, so I don't really know where the pain comes from. Dilaudid 12-16mg is the only thing that takes the edge off the agony I'm in. Usually don't have to take it till 5pm or later. I'm gonna give Lyrica a try at high doses to see if that can help. I've already tried Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline and a billion others.



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