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Is these side effects normal?
4 Replies
Peter - August 16

My stools are hard because of taking three times daily OxyConetin and my Rheum says it's because of the opioid similarity to Immodium, to treat diarrhea. Does anybody else get this from Oxy? My GP suggests asking my Rheum about switching to pethidine (Demerol) because it has little effect on stool hardenings and so forth, but I am nervous about jumping up the pain med ladder so it worth it, can anyone tell me?

Also, just a quick note about that lady saying guai is the cure for fibro...that cow is a total nutter.


TERESA - August 5

Try taking a stool softener or a mild laxative such as milk of mag. I unfortunetly have IBS so I don't suffer this sysptom. But as far as "jumping up the pain med latter", Oxy, Demerol, & Morphine are all the same stage on that latter. I can't take Oxy because it is too expensive & I dont have insurance. In my experence Demerol is not very effective unlees it is injected.


Bill - August 6

Try switching to hydrocodone


TERESA - August 12

Hydrocodone will have the same effect on your bowels. Besides most are mixed with Tylenol or aspirin which in large doses can be very hard on your liver & stomach. What has worked for a lot of us is to take a long lasting narcotic (extended release) & a hydrocodone like tab for break through pain. Stay away for these so called cures for FMS! If they were really cures don't you think your rheumatologist would have suggested them. Hope this helps!


dana - August 16

pretty much all narcotic meds cause some degree of constipation or stool hardening. i take ultram er 300mg tabs, and i have to take fibercon and pericolace daily, or else! i also have ibs, and these meds do not make it worse. there are people who swear by the guai cure, but there is MUCH more to it than just taking also have to avoid salicylates in ANY form, which is nearly an impossible feat, because they are in so many things...including topical lotions, aspirin, would practically have to dedicate your life to looking for them on the labels of every product you own or plan to purchase.



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