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Impact of Lorazepan
4 Replies
Manina - February 27

How does Lorazepan/Atiban impact the treatment of fibromialgia. Are there any dangerous side effects?


lorazepan - June 19

is the liquid form of lorazepan to be stored in the refrigerator?


Teri - December 11

I took it for years, I finaly went to xanax cause it didn't where off so quickly.
The side effect is make sure you ask your Dr to NEVER take you off cold turkey if you're taking a high dose of any benzodiazapines. It almost killed me and you CAN die from withdrawls. I had siezer, halucinations, it sucked. I also go the DR fired by the state med board cause he was a resident for 6 months and I even knew you can't do that, so he got fired or a huge fine, I can't remember. Get a GOOD DR. I love mine. She would NEVER take me off cold turkey. I take the xanax xr (24 release) and I have fibro & agoraphobia, and have been cured with a pain patch and the xanax.
Ask you Dr or me, [email protected]
Good luck & good sleep!
PS it's ativan & lorazapam. best thing to do is get a drug book eplaining the side effects, uses, etc. I have the psyitions (?) reference guide. The one the Dr's use. I wanna know what I'm taking & should you!


Jean - December 12

Personnally, I do not know these drugs and Ataban is not listed in medscape which is where I find out about certain medications. There are different dosages with Lorazepan and I'm guessing you are taking the oral tablet generic form in which this is a sedative or hypnotic and I do not have any experience with these drugs. I would ask your doctor about them and find out the answers and why he thinks this is the drug for you. You have to constantly educate yourself on medications and treatments and keep your doctors busy with questions after all this is your health, you have to deal with the side affects.Hugs.


sonya - February 27

lorazepam...which I was on for 5 years had horrible side effects coming off. UGH!!! Lorazepam has been shown to make Fibromyalgia worse because it worsens the sleep disorders that occur with Fibro patients. ANY of the benzo's including Xanax will worsen the sleep problems. Am on Lyrica now and I am feeling wonderful. My doc is director of Fibro Research study at University Hospital in San Antonio and is considered a pioneer in Fibro studies. He took me off all of the addictive meds. I sleep like a baby now.



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