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Illegal drugs
14 Replies
AmandaEffy - March 1

I'm at the stage now where I really am about to go over the edge with this illness. I'm starting to think weed or something might help, even just to get out of my own head. Does anyone else feel like this? I hope someone replies!


tnichel - March 1

All the time. But be carerful with weed. Some types make me more anxious when I'm trying to achieve the opposite. Others just make me sluggish. It helps get me to sleep though. Many here suggest cooking it up. I think there's a post in the discussion section. Do what works for you. At this point, I don't care what others think. Until they've experienced our kind of pain they'll never understand. But I will be 30 next month. I was thinking about giving it up permanently but it really helps. I hope this helps you.


AmandaEffy - March 1

Thanks for replying. It's great to know I'm not totally psycho for thinking of it. I'm 18 now, can't go to school, can't go out socializing either. It's very frustrating. Like I could easily get some weed from friends I used to have. My parent would go ape but I am in incredible pain. I feel trapped in my own body


bmcgovern - March 1

I smoke it everyday and it really does help. It helps my body relax, my appetite, and my mood. I really do enjoy it. It helps with the pain a lot. I am 22 years old and have had pain for 10 years. This is one thing that has really helped me and i also only take natural medicine. I am actually really lucky that both of my parents have been understanding with me using Marijuana. My dad also has fibromyalgia so he knows about the pain. Well good luck to you and hopefully you can try it and see if that works for you.


AmandaEffy - March 1

My parents say they understand but they really don't. They really do try though. I've been living with this for 6 years now, four years undiagnosed (which was harder), and I'm sick of painkillers that don't really work but have a long list of side effects. I hope they find some kind of cure soon, i feel so alone and helpless.


Canada17 - March 1


It is so unfortunate that you feel like a bad person for considering marijuana for your pain when a doctors don't even hesitate to prescribe you narcotics.

Weed is not bad. There are side effects, as with any drug, most of which are directly attributed to "overdosing". Don't smoke it if you don't have to, save your lungs (you can invest in a vapourizer but I say "invest" because they are expensive). You don't have to cook it into oil either, that can get messy. The simplest thing next to rolling a joint is to grind it in a coffee grinder and put it into capsules. Make sure you weigh them so you can control how much you are ingesting. This way, you can take them in front of anyone and if they ask what it is, you can just say it's vitamins, or a natural health product, or whatever you want. Just remember, if you live somewhere that doesn't have medicinal marijuana laws or you don't have a license, you can still get in trouble for having this in your possession. But, pills in a pill bottle are far less incriminating than a bag of pot and rolling papers.

I take 0.5g every four hours, no side effects except for the taste if I burp and my pain is relieved. If I am in the middle of a flare I can increase my dose to combat this.

Please note, if you suffer from any type of psychosis (bi-polar, depression) weed can make these issues worse. But as with any medication, there are risks and benefits; you have to weigh them.

I am 27 years old mother and wife; weed is the only thing that allows me to work everyday and not be in constant pain. I do still smoke it but not all the time and only to relieve my anxiety/stress and to help with my appetite (I suffer from nausea, I smoke a little joint and it goes away and I can eat without feeling like tossing my cookies). When I can't wait for the pills to take effect or I need a "boost", a joint is all I have. I'm saving up for a vapourizer.

Also, research the different kinds available and if you do decide to take the risk and don't cheap out, you'll just be disappointed.

My stand: I can pop a morphine pill and drool on myself in the corner and no one will say a thing but heaven forbid I ingest weed or smoke it and continue to be a contributing member of society. Thanks to the American government who classifies it with coke and heroine, the Canadian government is too afraid to allow us proper access to it. For shame!


Canada17 - March 1

One more thing to note, marijuana does come in a synthesized pill called Cesamet (Nabilone). You could talk to your doctor about this.

While I found it was ineffective and it did make me feel worse, it does work for some people. If you aren't as sensitive to pharmaceuticals as I am, perhaps you could benefit from it.


AmandaEffy - March 1

Well it is illegal here but I live in the country and the only thing the police look out for is no insurance on your car. They won't even bat an eyelid at a drunk 13 year old so that wouldn't even be a problem. I was on Lyrica for a year and I wasn't myself. I was a zombie who was very very bloated and still in pain. I took myself off that and I take a less severe painkiller now. I intend to get off meds totally if I can because I feel like I've lost my identity because of it. I really really appreciate being able to talk to people who understand. Today I feel so depressed and need to escape, if only I had the energy. :( Gentle hugs xx


Canada17 - March 2

amitryptiline might work for you. I don't know if you've tried it but it's an anti-depressant that helps with sleep.

It worked extremely well for me but I had to stop taking it because I was allergic to it. I took 10mg at bed and it was THE BEST sleep I have ever gotten. When I woke up in the morning I felt refreshed and ready to face the day. No drowsiness, no fogginess, no aches and pains from a bad night's sleep.

Sleep is half the battle. Hang in there. It's a long road but you don't have to travel it alone and eventually you will find treatments that are effective for you.

We are all in this boat together, please remember you are not alone.


AmandaEffy - March 2

Thank you, it means alot. Usually I am totally postive but just I feel a bit depressed because I realised how slowly I'm getting there. I have amitryptiline but it doesn't work as well as it used to. I'll be back to my positive self next week. It's just one of those long weeks. Thank you for being there.


Canada17 - March 3

We all have bad days...sometimes they outnumber the good.

One thing that helps me to remember the positive is a purple butterfly.

The purple butterfly is a symbol for Fibromyalgia. Purple is the colour of the awareness ribbon and the butterfly symbolizes the metamorphosis of our pain into something beautiful; from larva to butterfly.

What that beauty is depends on you. For a lot of us it is love. Love for ourselves and love for those who support us.


AmandaEffy - March 4

Canada17, Thankfully I'm feeling much better now. I snapped myself out of it even though I'm still in a lot of pain but gotta keep moving. I wear purple all the time and then when people ask me why I tell them exactly why, I have FM, FM doesn't have me xxx


tnichel - March 5

amitryptilene works really well for me. also known as elavil. I had the least side effects from them. I switched from Lyrica to Cymbalta. I noticed an immediate difference the first day I took it. Now I would do battle with my doc if he tried to take it away. ;)


Canada17 - March 6

I am so happy to hear that Cymbalta works well for you. I had a nightmarish reaction to the one dose I took! Very scary.


AmandaEffy - March 7

tnichel you are so lucky, every single medication I've taken has come with severe side effects. They should use Lyrica as a device for torture haha. I gained 3 1/2 stone with that and as you all know weight along with FM equals more pain than usual. Right now I'm living on Ixprim, it's just barely enough to get me through the day but thankfully I have something for now. Lyrica also felt like it stole my soul and now finally my personality is coming back which is great. :D xxxx



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