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How to discuss meds with your doctor
5 Replies
Angela - April 4

I was told I had fibro about two years ago. My primary care provider gave me Lortab 10/500 four times daily. I then went to a pain managment center and that doctor is giving me the same medication at the same dose. He did give me Ultram for bad mentrual cycles also. I get really nervous when it comes to talking to him about meds. This just isn't working anymore. The one time I did discuss my medications with him he tried to get me to take methadone, which I refused. Like I said I've been on this same dose for over two years and I don't understand why he won't adjust the dosage. I really need a better doctor that will listen to me. In my area RX drug abuse is rampant. I certainly don't want to seem like some druggie trying to get more meds, but I'm in so much pain I can't stand it. I've no clue how to go about finding a better doctor. I've tried several other medications but usually end up having bad reactions to them, which I've learned is another symptom of fibro.
I'd really like some adivce as to how to discuss this with my doctor or how to find a better one.


Jean - January 3

Hi Angela: I would suggest to keep a pain journal to show your doctor an every day symptoms that you may have. This may help him/her determine what kind of pain you are experiencing on a day to day basis. If you get nervous about talking to your doctor then perhaps he/she may be the wrong doctor to talk to. See if you can get referred to a Rheumatologist who diagnosis and treats Fibromyalgia. Happy New year. :) smile


Angela - January 3

Thank you for your quick response! I never thought of seeing a Rheumatologist. Do they vary from doctor to doctor in their treatment of fibromyalgia? I would guess they probably do..but I don't know. Do any of you guys see a Rheumatologist? If so, what are they doing to treat you?


Jan - January 4

My doctor won't even give me Lortab. I have tried Celebrex, Flexeril, Skelaxin, and now Cymbalta, an antidepressant that is also used for pain relief for fibro. I asked to be referred to a Rheumatologist and I can't get an appointment for 6 weeks.


Jean - January 4

Hi Angela: In order to fight this condition your doctors will probably put you on an antidepressant (remeron) is very gentle to the system , it is for me, then you need to get your sleep addressed and then something for pain. You may need to try different meds to get the right combination and just make sure you have a doctor who is familiar with this condition . Do educate yourself and your family and you will have test to rule out other possible conditions because Fibromyalgia mimics other conditions. Stretching does help doing it every day and keep a pain journal for you and your doctors. Hugs and Luck for the New AYear. :)smile


JJay - April 4

You should have your PCP test for the R-Factor. If it is over the lab threshold, then a rheumatologist should be consultant. If your r-factor isn't strongly positive, a rheumatologist would fall asleep with your case and you'd be wasting each other's time.



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