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HELP! to take Lyrica or not????
9 Replies
kevinsmom1220 - March 23

hey guys I need to know if you've taken Lyrica; did it help you (what dose)? How about the side effects, did you experince any? How bad are your side effects?

My pain dr just wrote a script for 75mg of lyrica (im currently taking savella 100mg X2). my dr told me to take it at night and i can up the amount of pills i take to find what mg works. my issue is the first night i took it i felt HORRIBLE DRUNK. After that i did alot of searching on the web. Some people had devistating side effects that had given them more problems that will last their whole life. Others said it was a miricale. I'm so confused. Please tell me your story.


January - March 25

Hi kevinsmom - sorry you're going through this, the usual frustration of what to do.

Check the blue search box on the right. Plug in Lyrica and hit "search." You will get hundreds of discussions about Lyrica. The same goes for Savella. It's a tough decision, and nobody else can make it for you. You just have to educate yourself as best you can, and make a choice.

Just MY personal opinion, based on what I've been through, and what I've seen my friends go through - I would say NO to both Lyrica and Savella.


kevinsmom1220 - March 25

thanks for your advice.i've been on savella for a few year a new doc wants my on lyrica. i decided not to take is because i've experrenced those side effets on other medications snd do not want that toad again .
thanks Jan


January - March 28

Hi Jan - there are supplements you can take to help with some of the fibro symptoms. Things like vitamins, minerals and other things. However, as you are taking the Savella, and that interacts with things, better to consult a good pharmacist before trying to add anything, even over the counter meds. I had a bad reaction to Benadryl when I was taking antidepressants!

Also massage and acupuncture really do help. I assume you were considering Lyrica because of pain. Hope you feel better soon!


sachiaiko - March 4

Hey there,

I've been dealng with Fibro all of my life, was finally diagnosed at 14 - After years of trying everything under the sun i'm finally on a hefty dose of morphine - and ironically am LESS "Drunk" With that, then the lyrica made me feel! Of course, my experience of morphine is a bit different then most people - I have very little side effects on it. My point is, you need to find what works for you.

My doctors, each new one, wants to try the battery of meds on me all over again when they see me. I've now learned to say NO to the Lyrica type meds, because i've tried them so many times.

This is how *I* did on Lyrica. Firstly, it did nothing for my pain. I was in constant, mind numbing pain. I think i called my doctor about 10 times the first week, and so they kept upping the dose.

But the more they upped the dose, the worse i felt. Not only was i in horrible pain, but it made me feel so out of it. Not just sleepy, but OUT to lunch. Not home, completely incapable. I was an INCREDIBLY creative person. I'm a writer, urban fantasy and sci fi, i make jewlery, i even sew designer sweater coats from recycled sweaters i find at goodwill!! Most of this is hobbies since i cant do enough to actually have an income, but it's my creative tasks every day and every week that keep me sane. i could not do anything on Lyrica. I couldnt even really READ.

In the first week i gained like 10 pounds - i'm certain that some of that was adema (swelling) but its irelevant. I felt constantly slight unbalanced in every sense of the word. By week two i (the doctor tried to get me to stay on it at least two weeks) I was begging him to take me off it. Absolutey begging - and my family, the entire family, seconded my request. Told him it was like i wasnt me, i was iratable too because of the pain AND my reaction to the meds.

I had a similar experience on Cymbalta. The "FIBRO DRUGS" Do not work as far as I experienced. The problem is, the ADA recently put out a nation wide statement that narcotics are ineffective on Fibromyalgia. Which is a load of crap. So many of us are really suffering terribly. We need research tha we can take to our doctors and show. :Sighs:

Fibro amd other chronic pain patients are the ... well, we're the casualties of the war on drugs. What a stupid war. :sighs:



avenger67 - May 20

yes, in regards to pain meds...why do most physicians say that narcotic meds in fibro patients dont do anything for the pain, yet the few that do believe it works and prescribe to their patients works very well for them? why does a doctor say it wont help yet prescribe another form of narcotic med called nucynta to a patient?
regards to lyrica, for me it was horrible but have been on cymbalta for a couple years now and does help although not as well as when i started, havent gained weight either which is good.


jamesndebmoore - June 23

Please if you are gonna try lyrica have a family member or close friends watch you carefully. I was put on lyrica when it first came out. The side effects they warn you about on TV weren't known yet. I called my doctor basically going crazy. I paced the floor, it was like I couldn't stand myself. I ended up trying to check out because of the lyrica and it hit me so hard I wasn't aware really of what was going on with me. I will NEVER try it again. Please if you try it make sure you have some good support to watch you.


axxie - November 23

No to Lyrica or Symbalta, take it from me, who have taken both, do they really treat your pain, or does it just f..k your mind, both will make you gain weight, and both are very hard to return to normal and both are make you think "gees were was I, I seem to not remember a few years of my life".
Please say to the doctor a firm "no" trust yourself to say no to them, these are not drugs you want to get into. Instead firmly ask for just a pain medication. After all you are not 10 years old, you can just say I don't like the results of taking this drug. Ask for tramadol or ask for just a pain patch. If the good doctor says you will get addicted, tell her the same will happen if you take SSRS.


Lynne DeLong - April 23

I have not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia yet,but all my symptoms lead me to that diagnosis. My psychiatrist prescribed Lyrica (50mg),which I take at night. It's a small dose, so I haven't had any side effects. She also prescribed Neurontin. I am just miserable. I have a rheumatologist who tested me for RA. I went to a neurologist, who did an MRI of my brain. I looked up doctors near me that deal with fibromyalgia and it turns out the rheumatologist I went to originally is a specialist for fibromyalgia. Can't get in for a month. In the meantime, I'll stick to neurontin and low dose of Lyrica. I am already on an SSRI. Any tips?


Fibronut - April 28

Dear Kevinsmom1220, I've been on Fibro Meds for a long long long time. My dose of Lyrica is 4*75mgs twice a day. In total I take 600mgs per day, also 600mgs of Naproxen twice aday, 1200mgs,2*30/500mgs of Co-codamol four times aday ,120mgs of codine plus 4000mgs of paracetamoland to finish off my painkillers 2*50mgs,4 times a day of Tramadol. IT just about works. I also have blood pressure tabs, water tabs and finally stomach tabs,so I don't get an upset tummy. They all interact and they wondefr why I fall asleep, never mind the fibro fog !!!!



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