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Cjbetty - December 16

I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, the doctor put me on 30 mgs of cymbalta 5 days ago and the cymbalta is just not working! Since I am very new to this syndrome what else can the doctor do or put me on for the pain ?? (I did call the dr to see if I can stop taking it but havent had a response yet)


Fantod - December 17

Hello Cjbebetty - Welcome to the group!

Cymbalta takes time to work. Five days is simply not long enough. It usually takes about two weeks to get into your system. Your doctor should have told you that. It may be that 30mg is not enough and the dose will have to be adjusted. But, you'll have to give it some more time. You should not stop Cymbalta suddenly. Even though you have not been on it for very long, you need to weaned off of it if that becomes necessary. If you don't understand the medication you've been given to use, call your pharmacist or use Google to look it up.

Fibromyalgia (FMS)is a disorder of the central nervous system. It can be caused by a trauma or an ongoing chronic pain situation. Basically, your pain receptors get stuck in the on position. There is no cure and the mechanism that starts the whole process remains a mystery.

Fibromyalgia is not easily managed. It takes time and a lot of tinkering to figure out what drugs are the most effective for each individual and in what doseage. Only certain classes of medication are effective for treating FMS and they must be prescribed. Generally they are antidepressants in low doses such as Lyrica or Cymbalta. OTC pain relievers don't work. Gabapentin is typically used for nerve pain that can be associated with FMS.

If your sleep is disrupted, you should probably be on Amitriptyline. Your muscles will become extremely sore without proper rest. And that will certainly contribute to your overall pain level.

I'm not sure who diagnosed you, but you should be seeing a rheumotologist. You can get a referral to a fibro-friendly rheumy by going to the National Fibromyalgia Association website. Some rheumotologists and many doctors still think FMS is a figment of our collective imaginations. It is, in fact, recognised by the Center for Disease Control and the National Arthitis Foundation.

Diet also plays an important role in FMS. If you use an artifical sweetner like Splenda, Equal or anything else - get rid of it. No diet pop either. You can buy Stevia at any health food store. This is a much better choice for a sweetner and is nontoxic. Also, processed lunch meat (nitrates) and deep fried foods may also trigger more pain.

Finally, I want to encourage you to take some time to throughly read through all of the information on the lefthand side of this page. It is a very comprehensive look at FMS and all of the *perks* that can go with it. Reading through the other posts will also be very imformative.

I hope that my comments have been helpful to you in some way. We are all in this together. If you have more questions, everyone will try to help. Take care and keep in touch.


Taleese - December 17

I was on cymbalta too, depends on what you mean is just not working. Cymbalta sent me downward and towards the dark side very very fast after two days i went off of it. The doctor put me on Lyrica and Zoloft instead. It will take some time to get the right meds for you however since we already have depression issues because of the fibro I do suggest being aware and writing down your problems. If your doctor hasn't called you back I suggest calling again.



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