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Has anyone tried steroids?
19 Replies
tnichel - June 12

Stacey, OMG! I thought I was the only person to bit the inside of their cheeks raw. I guess it's a nervious habit. Idk, my mom does it as well. Do you bite one side more than the other. It didn't start for me until I reached my 20's. I too have to make a mental effort not to do that or clench my jaw.

no worries. I just wanted to thank you for helping me remember. I do good to remember which posts I respond to. lol. Ok, most of the meds you're on I'm not familiar with. Which is specifically for pain?


did you ever try an over-the-counter bite guard...the ones you can mold yourself? I keep going back and forth on whether to get one made by the dentist. Also, the tens unit...the chiro used it on me a few years back but not for tmj and I didn't notice any change. How long did it take for you to benefit from using it? The chiro was willing work with the ins. company to get me one but I turned it down. At that time though I was newly diagnosed and everything was out of whack.


Noca - June 13

tnichel - Dilaudid, Fentanyl, Celebrex, and Gabapentin are for pain, supposedly Nortriptyline is too but it doesnt do a thing for my pain, just helps my depression. Zyprexa is for appetite and Xanax is for anxiety.


Fantod - June 13

Hi tnichel - Personally speaking, I have reservations about the over the counter bite guards. The reason I say this is that TMJ is essentially a geometry problem. A bite guard made by a dentist is going to take into account every uneven surface in your mouth, if your teeth are higher or lower in any given area and how your jaw swivels when you open and close. Most insurance plans will cover one splint which will last for years. A one size fits all fix is better than nothing in an instance where budget is a problem. But, if you can afford it, having one made by a dentist who has experience with TMJ is a better option. By the way, every time you go to the dentist, take the splint with you. They'll clean it and adjust it for fit. This is especially important when dental work is needed.

I used a TENS unit on my TMJ when I was first diagnosed with it. I was in considerable pain and it did help. It took a couple of weeks to notice a consistent change. Now I have a TENS unit which I use on my lower back when it starts giving me grief. My insurance company covered it.
It comes in handy as I sometimes use it for other areas like my neck and shoulders.

I don't know about you, but I am fed up with being an ongoing science experiment. I am staging a mutiny of sorts this summer. I am not seeing any doctors until September unless it is absolutely necessary. I want a break from being a patient so I can get back to just being me. Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Stacey373 - June 13

Hi everyone! I've been thinking about all of this and I'm going to go ahead and try the OTC mouth splint. I figure it's at least worth a try! And then eventually go to the dentist and get the "right" one when I can.

About 10 years ago my Mom had hurt her back and had one of those Tens machine things and she tried it on me (can't remember what was hurting at the time, probably my neck and shoulder) and I didn't like it AT ALL!! My doctor brought it up a long while back and I instantly said No to it!

Tnichel, I think you asked me if I bite on one side or another more? Nope, both sides are equally tortured! LOL And as a matter of fact, my mom used to do the same thing! So I guess I grew up seeing her do it and then I eventually started doing it too. Right now I have a sort of "bet" with my girls...they are 9 & 11 and we all 3 bite our I told them to stop me from doing it every time they see it and once all 3 of us grow our nails out we are going to the salon to get manicures! We'll see how it goes...'s another beautiful day in the Great Northwest and I'm going to go outside and enjoy it! have a good day everyone...Stacey :o)



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