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Has anyone tried cannabis for the pain
34 Replies
osceolaoz - February 20

Thank you all, I am going back through all your suggestions, just in case.


[email protected] - February 27

hello I am new to this site and would like to share a bit of my story. I have had FM for 23 years and have gone through the gamit of being mis diagnosed and put on meds that were not helpful. I was put on cymbalta a year and a half ago and what an amazing comeback I havemade!!!!Lyrica is a weight gainer and who needs extra weight t carry around with already compromised joints etc. Before cymbalta I was taking 240 mg of oxycontin and I can tell you opioids do not help, Ya they numb the pain and I dont care what any doctor says, they are addicting, even if you take it as prescribed!!!! Been there . Cymbalta on the other hand is not a narcotic, side effects of cymbalta do not include weight gain. I have been on a permanent disabilty for years and now feel as though I could attempt at least part time work. Cymbalta has given me my life back and I will forever be grateful for my doctor suggesting Cymbalta. No longer deressed due to pain as I now longer have any pain. I used to think of FM as "me standing in a puddle of water with someone throwing a live wire into the water where I was standing. Not now!!!! I now go to the gym every day and walk 3 ks a day depending on the weather and feel ALIVE, to any one who is suffering I would suggest talking to your doctor about cymbala. I to looked into cannabis but was not eligable because I was not going to dye in 6 months or less. So it was Cymbalta that helped me. To all those who find cannabis to be helpful, god bless you, but for those finding difficulty with state laws or lack of support from doctors, you got nothing to loose by talking to your doctor about Cymbalta, nothing to loose but YOUR PAIN


January - February 28

HI lfay - I'm so glad Cymbalta is working for you when the other things didn't. It's important to note, however, that everyone is different… and some of us cannot tolerate this drug.

The side effects of Cymbalta include minor things like sweating, anxiety and insomnia; they can range up to heart problems, diabetes, liver damage, glaucoma, etc.. Those are some serious problems… read the posts on this forum and if you are taking Cymbalta, I'd recommend you research all the side effects and make sure your doctor is monitoring your blood sugar and your liver function.

But I'm for keeping all our options open! Whatever works for you.

Glad you are feeling better!


Mikey - December 7

My name is Mikey I'm Mid aged okay, 59. When I was living in The Philippines my Doctor Prescribed me Symbalta.
It's an amazing drug! Different people different strokes okay.
I have severe PTSD Bipolar Diabetes & Large Portrusion of the spine & calcified discs.
Other than that I'm Fine!!
I want to say if it helps anyone else here, I'm an addict to Opiates - Tramadol Hydrocodomine Gabapentin & after almost 45yrs of Addiction inc' Alcohol, I've come to the conclusion I will not beat the strong Psychological & Physical pull of these Opiates.
I've. smoked, Eaten & taken Intravenously so much shit, to cover & obliterate the pain of Abuse ! Racism, Physical & Sexual when I was a child being fostered out in 1959-65.
You know there is no fucking way out except chase it till the end & enjoy the highs with dreams enhanced by hallucinogenic effects in T.H.C.
Now anyone Whose not had that as A Sufferer of FM you will Never get over the hill of pain without such powerful Narcotics. (In my opinion)
Then it's game over: I had to try to repeat it time & time again for the rest of My Life.
Well that's me !
If you have the Physical & Nueropathic pain with mental torture? Then you Know there's only 1 Answer End Game:
It's God's Curse upon a few of Us Do it your way with Medical guidance:
MRC / London::



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