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3 Replies
Anne - December 8

How or why is Guaifensin helpful for Fibro? Are there any problems with other drug interactions?


Jean - December 8

I have been confused with this drug also in how it is suppose to help. You can buy Musinex that has this Guaifensin in this medication. It is also in Robitussin but be sure that I think if you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia you will need more help than what this medication will be able to give you. Have you been diagnosed and if so for how long?


Renee - December 8

I have a book called, 'Fibromyalgia The First Year' by Claudia Craig Marek. In it is a chapter about'The Guaifenesin Protocol' it tells about an endocrinologist, Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, who has dedicated over forty years of his life treating fibromyalgia. He even has fibro. He believes it is an energy-deprivation disease. He thinks that it's the inability of each cell to make abundant energy that is the cause for all the symptoms we experience, and this is why so many systems in our body malfunction simultaneously. Without enough energy, all our systems function marginally and we have many complaints. He believes that this underproduction of ATP is caused by a slight excess of phosphate inside the power station cells, known as the mitochondria. How guaifenesin works.....According to him, taking guaifensin starts a reversal process in fibromyalgia by causing the kidneys to pull excess phosphates from cells. This causes all of your symptoms to come and go in turn: pain, fatigue, fibrofog, irritable bowel and bladder. Symptoms will exacerbate, diminish, and then clear in this cyclical fashion. Eventually, as time progresses, you become asymptomatic. There is a specific way to find your dose. Your doctor will have to prescribe it (very cheap). If you can't find the book you may email me and I will send you a copy of the [email protected]


Renee - December 8

My doctor tried me on it. It didn't work for me but everybody is different and the low incidence of side effects makes it worth a try.



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