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Generic Ambien--caution!
8 Replies
Pikespeak - August 8

I recently had my Ambien Rx filled, and shortly thereafter, I ended up with a rash and hives. I also was taking Savella at the same time. The new Ambien pills were round and lavender in color. It was suggested that the generic brand or the dye in the pills might be at fault. I am off Savella and am now trying out Lunesta, which seems very similar to Ambien.

I guess this sort of thing can happen with any pills...take any hives/rash seriously and if your chest gets tight or you have a problem breathing, call 911 or go to the ER!


January - August 8

I have to add that I had a very bad reaction to generic Ambien also - Zolpidem, round and lavender pills. I didn't get hives, but I was completely zonked out and just did not feel well or sleep well. Brand name Ambien works well for me, this stuff was NOT equivalent.

There is a huge controversy about generics. I DO NOT BELIEVE you get the same quality drug for $2 as the regular drug with quality ingredients, tested carefully and manufactured properly. The website peoplespharmacy is run by pharmacists - they have been investigating this problem for a while, and they have some very enlightening information over there. The cost of brand name drugs is obscene - some of those things are marked up 10,000% I read. But the generic drugs are a problem too. Sometimes they are really from the same manufacturer, and the same ingredients. But sometimes not. There was a huge scandal about generics made in India and China using contaminated ingredients. Another thing is the fact that pharmacists have posted that they have been instructed to LIE to customers and tell them that generics are exactly the same, even when the big companies know they are not and know there are problems. The whole system seems broken and corrupt, and you have to protect yourself.


Noca - September 1

Many of the generics are made by the SAME pharmaceutical company as the same drug brand name!


January - September 2

Yes, Noca, you're right… but many of them aren't. And some of them are counterfeit as you know.


Noca - September 5

I would mainly be concerned about generics coming from India, but then again for how cheap they are, you could prolly buy 10 different sets of them and STILL save from buying a generic from North America!


January - September 5

LOL, I agree! Just hopefully, they wouldn't have melamine in them!


January - September 5

I could be wrong, but I seem to remember something about some generic drugs being contaminated with melamine a while back. Remember, gluten products are often used as "fillers" in medications. I copied this from wise geek:

"Aside from common commercial uses, melamine became a topic of much discussion in early 2007, when veterinary scientists determined it to be the cause of hundreds of pet deaths, because of pet food contamination. Prior to these reports, melamine had been regarded as non-toxic or minimally toxic. However, because of the UNEXPLAINED PRESENCE OF MELAMINE IN WHEAT GLUTEN added to mass-produced dog and cat foods, it is the most likely cause. Pet owners report symptoms that are commonly associated with renal failure, which could be explained by the ammonia that may result from the digestion of the melamine." (Caps my emphasis - J)

I just googled "melamine contamination in drugs" and yup, there it is. In 2009, the FDA suggested testing for the presence of melamine in drugs.


Noca - September 6

January - renal failure in pets does not equate renal failure in healthy humans. It would prolly only cause renal failure in those with pre-existing renal problems, and for the rest of us, just put a strain on our kidneys.


lucky13 - September 8

I don't have a problem using generics, most of the time they are made by the big name companies like someone else said, however I did watch a think of dateline (on of the news shows like that) about conterfiete drugs, the problem is conterfiets aren't just made to look like the generic drugs, they can be masked to look like the name brand as well.
The fakes can contain concrete, drywall and road paint to name a few.
It's scary, not like we already have enough problems as it is and that's why we take meds.



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