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I have been on Vicodin for about 2 years. I just had a test done and my liver enzymes are too high so I have to get off of all tylenol and I can't take Motrin. The only thing that helped me function every day is my vicodin and now I have to get off of that? Does anybody have any suggestions?
I also have to find a new doctor. I am being tested at my doctors office to ensure I take my medicine. They tested me and found Marijuana in my system (this helps me sometimes with the insomnia and pain) and they dropped me as a patient. Now I do not have a doctor or any ides for pain relief.
I am so frustrated! If these doctors were in the pain that we are in everyday, I am sure they would understand why I do what I do!
Frustrated in Michigan!


PunyChickwithAttitude - June 8

Good morning, Inpaindaily.

Honestly, probably the vidodin/marijuana combo wasn't the best thing to do for your liver. Do you have medical marijuana available in Michigan? I wish we did in Florida. Anyway, I would suggest seeing a pain control physician and laying all your cards on the table. I do NOT recommend taking any pain medications w/marijuana, there are just too many things that could go wrong.

I know what it's like to have constant pain. I know what it's like to want to do anything to make the pain stop. I do understand and I am so sorry that you are having such terrible pain.

There are medicines specific for insomnia that are traditionally used for FMS. After several tries, I'm on a regimen that works for me. This isn't to say that the combination of medicines I'm taking now will always work. Our bodies quickly adapt and we have to adapt also by changing things around.

So, I suggest you find a pain control physician and be open about what you need or, perhaps a physician that treats FMS. Good luck!


Noca - June 8

I didn't like weed. It made me so retarded that I couldn't function though it helped my pain/appetite. I am stuck using Dilaudid for my pain relief.


Canada17 - June 8

I find it odd that your doctor would just drop you because they found marijuana in your system. Did they advise you of this procedure beforehand? I am sure if you had known the policy, you wouldn't have risked it.

If you don't have medicinal marijuana in Michigan, ask your doctor about Cesamet (Nabilone). It is a legal THC prescription usually given to cancer patients but many people with FMS have benefited from using it for their pain and insomnia. If you can take most prescription medications then you shouldn't have too many ill side-effects from it.

I tried it myself, unfortunately I seem to be allergic to pretty much anything man-made (prescriptions anyway). Luckily I have a compassionate doctor and live in Canada, I am in the process of obtaining a medicinal marijuana license.


Fantod - June 8

Yes, medical marijuana is available in Michigan. You can find information about how to get a card from the state online by googling. The procedure is fairly simple. You obtain copies of your medical records which are usually submitted in advance to the doctor responsible for certifying the need for marijuana. At the appointment, your health issues are discussed in addition to assessing daily pain levels. The doctor signs the form which you submit to the state for an ID card. The bad part is that there are no compassionate care stores to make a legal purchase. You have to find a caretaker to supply you which is preferrable as an FMS patient. You don't want to be exposed to any unnecessary pesticides that are probably on the street stuff.

Not all pain doctors are as strigent as the one you are currently seeing. I would suspect that there may have been some sort of an incident with another patient that forced them to institute testing. And, I have never heard of a doctor testing to make sure you are taking your meds either.

Have you tried Cymbalata or Savella for the pain caused by FMS? Call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a recommendation to another pain specialist. Good luck and take care.


Noca - June 8

I get tested occasionally for drugs when I'm at my pain clinic. My doctor said that he didn't care if I had used weed or not. I still get treated like a criminal every time I go there. I don't think Vicodin alone is a good enough treatment for pain management. You need to have a long acting medication along with one for breakthru pain.



There was an incident where a patient was selling their prescriptions. SO, thanks to them, I am not without a doctor. I did sign a consent for them to test me for using my meds, but I don't remember seeing anything on it where they would drug test me.
I am going to start looking for another doctor today.
This is just soo frustrating!
I have tried Lyrica and it cause me to gain over 30 pounds!
I am currently on Paxil (for my depression and general anxiety disorder and for the fibro pain) and Ambien. That is all. I feel like there has to be other options out there. I am tired of feeling in pain and helpless every day of my life! I work full time and take care of my 8 year old daughter. And have been a single mother for 5 years.
I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me. I just want the pain to go away. It is a rainy day in Michigan and I woke up at 3 am with shooting pains through my lower back and down my legs. So intense I was crying..


Stacey373 - June 10

I have to sign a "Pain Contract" with my doctor every 6 months. Which basically says that I won't abuse my pain pills and that they can test me at any time if they think I'm taking more than I'm prescribed.

Every few months or so I smoke marijuana. But ONLY at night after my kids have gone to bed and it helps me to sleep and also helps my body just to relax...even noticed if I smoke it for a few days in a row, I don't get as many headaches.

I can't imagine my doctor actually drug testing me for it! How embarrassing! I have had a doctor years ago who after a couple of months giving me pain pills suddenly stopped, refused to see me again, and even sent me a letter stating they could no longer see me and to seek a different doctor. never once was I told why...but at that point I felt like I was being treated like some sort of drug addict just trying to get pain meds.

It just makes you want to scream at them and tell them "I'm NOT a drug addict! I just want the pain to go away!" (or in my case, at least just be more bearable!)

I don't know...just wanted to tell you that you're not alone. This is so frustrating when your doctor doesn't believe you are in that much pain. I really hope you get some help...Stacey :o)



Latest update- I found a doctor through one of the girls I work with. She has Fibro as well. She says she is on Norco for pain. I was told this had less tylenol and more of the actual drug. Wonder if this is true? The The bottom line is I have unil July 22nd before I have another general doctor. Thank goodness for my specialist. I called and asked if she can assist me in the pain management until the new doc steps in. I am not looking forward to tje painful withdraw process as well as being off of any pain meds. I surely will be hurting!!


feeeling great - June 20

hi i cant believe i am sitting her feeling so damn good i could run a marathon, i haven been off the couch in yrs ,i have been on pain meds of all kinds off and on for over 15 yrs, about two weeks ago i was sick ,from a flu like something. went to the dr and he gave me a IM shot of antibotics , i got over the ?flu but my hip ,back.butt and everthing else that always hurt ,hurt more than i thoughT was possible,just from the needle , i took 14 loratab 10s in two days ,and ddnt get much relieve, i almost went to er that morn, but was afaid they would give me another shot , the needle had made it feel like the flesh was being ripped from my back and butt, i later went to my dr on friday , he ask if i wanted morphine patches and i said no i been there and didnt like them ,so he said he was givin me lycria , i had seen this on commercial, but had given it any though , he said if it help u have fibromalgia , something i had though i had for a long time but other dr said it was a real disease , SO I GOT THE LYCRIA TOOK 75 MGS AND WITHIN 30 MIN, I FELT BETTER ,WHEN I GOT home NOTICED MY BACK,BUTT PAIN WAS EASING UP . IN A FEW HRS I TOOK ONE LORTAB ,AND I FELT SO GREAT IT WAS CRAZY ,usually one doent do anything ,i hsd to take 20mg at once to knock the pain, THIS MORNING appxs.7 ,I FIRST TOOK THE LYCRIA AND WENT BACK TO SLEEP ,DIDNT WAKE UNTIL ALMOST NOON , SOMETHING ELSE I NEVER DO BECAUSE THE AGONY GET ME OUT OF BED TO GO TO THE COUCH AND LAY THERE AND SUFFER ALL DAY, WHEN I GOT UP I TOOK ONE TAB AND ONE KLONEPIN,AND WAS ALREADY FEELIN NO PAIN ,LATER I REALIZED I DIDNT HAVE ANY PAIN , I WAS HIGER THAT SHT BUT A GOOD FEELING, I HAD NO PAIN ,NONE GONE ,ZIP, I WAS MOVING ,I WAS WALKING AROUND, I MOWED MY YARD , I WENT SHOPPING WITH MY NIECE,WASH A LOAD OF LAUNDRY, WASH THE DISHES ,I HAVENT BEEN ON THE COUCH EXCEPT TO SIT AND TALK TO PEOPLE,,THIS IS THE BEST STUFF EVER AND LIKE I SAID I HAVE BEEN ON DURAGASIC, MS COTOIN , PERCS, TABS, VALIUM, XANAX, PREDISONE,ROXYS,OXYS, GOTTEN SHOT FROM PAIN CLINICS, WHICH ABOUT KILLED ME, NEUROTIC ALMOST DID TO , MARIJAUINA ,DID HELP TEMP, BUT U CANT SMOKE IT 24/7 AND THE DRS HERE WOULD NOT RX ANYTHING IF U PEE'D DIRTY ,SO I QUIT IT LAST YR JUST SO I COULD GET TABS AND CLONOPIN . THIS LYRICA IS A MIRICAL DRUG , SO NOW I KNOW I HAVE FIBROMALGIA ON TOP OF DDD AND A FEW OTHER THING ,BUT IM AM SO ESTACAIC I DONT EVEN CARE ,I KNOW NOW I WASNT AS CRAZY AS SOME DR LET ME THINK I WAS ,I REALLY DID HAVE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME AND LYRICA FIXED IT ,IT UNBELIEVABLE FOR ME TO , BUT ITS TRUE ,I HOPE IT WOULD HELP ALL OF YOU LIKE IT HAS ME .ITS ONE THIRTY- SIX HERE IN KY AND IM STILL GOING , I GOING TO TAKE MY MEDS AND GO TO BED ,BUT PLEASE EVERYONE TALK TO YOUR DR ABOUT THIS IT AMAZING IF U KNEW ME AND SAW ME THREE DAYS AGO AND SAW ME NOW ,I HAVE EVEN BEEN LAUGHING , SOMETHING ELSE I HADN'T DONE IN A LONG TIME ,LYRICA ,,,SERIOUSILY CAROLYN


LAWANDA - July 13

go see a pain specialist. there are other things he can give u that will bypass your stomach. the patch is one. but im sure there are others.keep trying. i have been taking tylenol #3 for about two years so i guess i better go get tested also. i hope its ok because tylenol 3 does help most of the time.


canadacalling - August 24

What is a medical marijuana license? I am in Canada, but have never had marijuana, but if it got worst, I sure would try it out.


Stacey373 - August 25

Hi Canada! I don't know how it works in Canada, but here in the US we do have some states that have legalized marijuana for medical reasons. I'm in Washington state and it's legal here.

Basically what you do is exactly what Fantod explained in a previous post on this page. I actually posted awhile back giving all the info you need to get it in this state.

You have to find a clinic that deals specifically with medical marijuana. Your regular doctor can't do this for least from what I understand.

Here in Washington we have several clinics. You set up an appt and then you can either sign a release for them to get a copy of your medical records or you can do it yourself and bring your medical records with you to the appt.

You pay $200 up front and then talk to the doctor and go over your records. (if you don't qualify, they refund the $200) I know for a fact that Fibromyalgia is on the top of the list for "qualifying conditions" and so is chronic pain in general. the clinic asks for up to 2 years of medical records to prove that you have a chronic pain problem and to also show that you have a "qualifying condition."

If the doctor approves you, then you get a card to show that you can legally have it in your possession and it also gives you the right to grow your own. I'm not sure what the limit is...but you can only have so many plants for it to be legal, if you go over that you can get in trouble with the law.

So that's what a Medical Marijuana Card/License is. My sister-in-law has Cerebral Palsy and she only uses marijuana to control her pain. She lives up in Seattle and from what she has said, they actually have several "Cafes" that you can buy marijuana at legally with your card.

marijuana actually works pretty good. I've used it before at night and it helps me sleep and lets my muscles relax. I've also noticed that I don't get as many headaches when I smoke it at night. I honestly wouldn't suggest using it during the day because it does make you "loopy" and very tired.

if you are serious about trying it, I would look into what the laws are in Canada and see if you can. I always say it never hurts to try to find something else to help with all the fibro problems....I figure most of us would try anything to help feel semi "normal" and relieve some of the pain we deal with every day.

Hope this information helps...Take Care, Stacey :o)



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