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Canada17 - November 26

I decided to start a new thread as the first one I started had the wrong name for the drug.

I increase the dose of Flexeril with the advice of my physiatrist. I started at 1/4 of a 10mg pill and increased by increments of 1/4 until I reached a full pill. I spent a couple days taking each dose.

At 10mg I am not getting a better night's sleep, which was the whole purpose for me taking this drug.

I've woken up in the morning for the past couple of days with increased Fibro Fog (like I need that!)

Groggyness - takes so long to wake up, body is away, brain is still asleep.

I have had a sore throat the past couple of days, worse in the morning and gets better throughout the day.


Slightly blurred vision


While my husband says I'm not tossing and turning as much, I feel worse when I wake up in the morning than I did when I wasn't taking it. I am still waking up frequently...maybe he's sleeping more soundly because he thinks I'm getting a better night's sleep with this stuff and so he's not paying as much attention to my tossing.

Whatever the case is, this medication is not doing what it is supposed to do.


anniepooh32 - December 2

As you already know I am on 10mg Flexeril 3x day. There was a "training" period that I needed in order to get used to the drug. You may be one of the people that are sensitive to medication side effects and are just not able to take them. Then again, you may be someone like me who just needs a little time to get used to the drug. And alot of the time the side effects do go away. You may want to give it a little more time or talk with your doctor and discuss your options to see if there might be another drug similar but with less side effects. Just some things to think on. Hope this has helped. Best regards.


Canada17 - December 3


Thank you for your advice. My doctor prescribed Flexeril to me for a short term period to help me sleep until I have a sleep study done. She started me off with a very low dose and then slowly moved me up. She doesn't think this drug is working for me as with such a low dose I was not getting used to the side effects, they were getting worse with each dose. Very frustrating. Although I did have a mild intended effect, the muscle twitches I often get at the end of the day weren't quite as bad...


Rosscow - December 28

Hi Canada 17
They finally diagnosed me with fibro after 12 years of agony and tests. I do have some experience (tons) with many drugs they tried on me.
My back used to completely seize up on me and they gave flexeril. I'm surprised they gave you it just for sleep. I found this to a very effective but powerful drug. The muscles in my back seized up so bad I couldn't walk. I took 3 days off from work and took the prescribed flexeril. It knocked me out in 8 hr intervals only enough time in between to go to washroom and eat something. I've gone through this exact back situation 3 times now. (have flexeril in cupboard just for that.)
I have serious sleep issues due to pain in legs and pelvis. They had me on so much stuff I couldn't tell what worked and what didn't. This is what it's down to after 12 years of experimenting.
This is how I get some decient sleep without horrible drug hangover.
I take 1 or sometimes 2 .5mg clonazepam
Then I take a combo (all in one) Vitamin Magnesium citrate/Calcium citrate/Vit D3. I take twice the daily recommended dosage 1/2 hr before bed. Works out to be 1200mg of calcium citrate, 600mg Magnesium citrate, 10 mcg (400ui) vit D3.
It has a profound effect helping you relax. I get some sleep. Believe or not a dream sneaks in there sometimes. I wake up still with the pain(horrible unforgiving) but feel I got some sleep till 10am and then the fibro fog rolls in again. Try the Magnesium if you haven't yet. It's harmless and it does help.
Wish I could help more but still searching for the magic bullet myself.


edwardhoward - January 17

Flexril can cause side effects such as fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision, dry mouth etc., To know more visit here



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