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20 Replies
Noca - November 25

My aunt is allergic to all opiates/opioids except Demerol. Even does not say you should avoid the drug if you are allergic to opiates/opioids/narcotics. Yes Demerol is a narcotic, but not all drugs are the same just because they are in the same category/classification. Each drug differs slightly as well as having its own unique chemical composition. I'm not a chemistry student so I couldn't tell you exactly how Demerol differs from the rest of the Narcotics but it obviously does.


Noca - November 25

Mixing meds may be dangerous, but then again not treating pain can be too. Those chronic pain patients who fail to be treated properly may decide to commit suicide because they cannot tolerate the pain. This is no unheard of either. "Approximately 30% to 54% of people with chronic pain also have a major depressive disorder" -


Noca - November 25

As for ANY medication, you must decide with your doctor if the benefits outweigh the risks. Only when the benefits outweigh the risks should you use a medication.


Canada17 - November 26

I guess your aunt is lucky, considering Demerol is not supposed to be prescribed to people who have ever had an allergic to it or other narcotic painkillers.

You are right and I will wholeheartedly agree that we should always discuss medications with our doctor, but even you admit to getting Flexeril from your mother. One wrong pill could have serious consequences.

There are many ways to treat pain aside from prescription medications. Not all chronic pain causes depression.


anniepooh32 - December 2

Just to put my two cents in (For Noca and Canada17)...I am on many medications (25 pills a day). Simple truth. However I also have a host of other issues that require the use of many meds to control. I use what I need in order to function but no more. I am also doing various exercise activities and stretching and have to watch my diet very carefully due to other conditions. So I don't only take medications to control my various diseases but incorporate lifestyle aspects as well.

Each person is different, has their own set of issues and problems and has to do what is right for them.



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