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Fibromyalgia pain and urinary procedures
2 Replies
sue kivel - March 15

Have had fibro for 18 years. Tried many of the meds. Zoloft seems to work the best.
Four months ago i had a tvt procedure for urinary incontinence. The recovery time was supposed to be 4 wks max. I was in a lot of pain and nothing helped. Finally the urologist said to rest as much as possible, avoid exercise. It did improve somewhat. This area seems to be where my fibromyalgia has decided to settle itself. It is very uncomfortable and I've found no med. that touches it. Has anyone had a tvt procedure and resulting fibro pain in a new area? Any meds that work?


ptalana - March 17

Hi Sue, I too suffer with urinary problems. My problems all seemed to start after an accident I had four yrs ago. I noticed that I was having to pee all the time, many times not quite making it to the washroom:( At this time I was diagnosed with early signs of cervical cancer, so I just sort of wrote it off to that. But when I mentioned this to my specialist he took a look and discovered that my bladder was detached! Lovely, no wonder it felt like something was falling out of me, it was!!!!
I had to have surgery to have it re-attached. Unfortunately due to my neck injury they are unable to intubate me and I was awake/aware through the entire surgery. They just gave me a morphine drip, for the pain during surgery. I was alright through out the surgery until he started stitching. Man oh man it felt like he put in about 100 stitches! The anesthetist kept telling the surgeon that I was in agony, he just told me to hang on it was almost over.
Well long story short, my bladder problems have started up again. But I told my pcp I'm not going to go through that again. I'm going to try to just muddle through. I haven't found any meds that have helped me, but I did start a mild pilates program and this has helped a wee (pardon the pun) bit:)
I hope that you find some relief soon, you may want to start some kegel exercises to help strengthen these muscles.
Take care, Patty


canadacalling - March 25

Hi Sue:
I am a Sue also, yes, I did have a TVT and hysterectomy along with it 5 years ago, and I think it was okay. However, now 5 years later it is not doing well. I will not have a some kind of a pessary put in to keep everything in order. I had to have the hysterectoy because Dr. felt, that I would be back in another year to have that done, so they did both. I was in pain, and they gave me demerol to take but it was a good 4 weeks or more of recovery, made harder by my husband being very ill with A.L.S..



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