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Fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis?
45 Replies
January - August 2

As always, it boils down to proper diagnosis, and if you can find out what is causing your pain, you can track down a proper treatment! I don't have the painful feet, but some friends do. I'd be interested to hear if vinegar helps anybody. There may be some way the acid in it helps to detox - but i have no idea how or why it works for some people! Good luck if you try it!


canadian - August 2

You don't have it. You'd know by now how difficult it is to diagnose or identify cause and therefore to treat it.

Vinegar is great for pots and pans!

But here we're talking about thick skin on the soles, not much blood circulation and a condition which involves the large calcaneus bone.

I tried vinegar already. It's like attempting to cure cancer with lipstick.


Karen1961 - October 27

Hello, I am new to this site (as of today) because I have been having fibromyalgia symptoms for years but never completely diagnosed and having a terrible bout with plantar fasciitis. I decided to type in "fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis?" to see what would come up and this was 1st on the list. I couldn't believe my eyes. There is a correlation! My pc says I probably have fibromyalgia, but thinks that it is caused by something and has been working on trying to find the cause. He thought I had sleep apnea, but went to a sleep clinic and they said the test were incondlusive! Try trying to sleep at a place like that with electrodes stuck all over you! Well, now I am getting to the point to where I am going to tell my pc I want to go to a rhuematologist (spl) to see what they say and what they could do for me. I am in the process of waiting for a pair of new orthotics to be made that I had in the past that helped. The last time I had them made, I made the mistake of going to a podiatrist instead of the orthopedic specialist and he made them all wrong, with the arches too high and I think that made my pf worse. I have very high arches. Anyone else with plantar fasciitis have high arches as well?


Susan61 - October 29

Hello Karen, Your story has many similarities to mine. Sent to sleep clinic (inconclusive, sent to rhuematologist (who barely talked and says couldn't find anything) and the Neurologist sent me through all sorts of tests and he thought I could have MS, but did stick with me till he concluded that the constant pain and body aches was fibromyalgia. I went to a podiatrist who strongly recommended LYNCO orthotics because of my fibromyalgia and plantar fascitis. LYNCO orthotics are cushiony. He also, instructed me to wear the higher end New Balance shoes - and these would provide the support my feet needed and I would take out the insole and put in my orthotic. Also, very firmly told me that with PF I would need to micro-manage the condition the rest of my life. And DON't wear shoes with heels.
I've done this for the last 10 years and I still micro manage my feet. I have ups and downs with my feet. And on occasion I take ibuprofen to reduce the inflamation of the plantar fascitis. I really think that it's not always type of Dr. vs. finding a Dr. who actually knows what they are doing. Most Dr.'s wanted to put me on medications for my fibromyalgia, but I took a more natural approach after doing much research on the internet....and changed my diet, basically got rid of processed foods, foods with additives, colors..etc. No artifical anything. Cut out stress in my life..(as mush as is possible). Fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose - and most Dr.'s that I've seen and known others to see weren't experienced in dealing with it and all they could do is prescribe pills - and with side effects like liver damage, kidney damage, maybe leukemia....that is way too many risks - that is why I sought other helps.
Hang in there and I hope you will find the help you need. Best Wishes!


Karen1961 - October 29

Hi Susan, thanks for answering me. Yeah, my first pair of orthotics were the real cushiony ones, that is what I am waiting for again, since the ones the podiatrist made were wrong for me. Anyway, did the diet eliminating processed foods, foods with additives & such help you feel better? I don't want to be on any meds either. I take Ibuprophen when I can but also get stomach pain from that so can't take it often. It helps the pf when I can take it, but the next day it's just as bad as before I took it. Anyway, yeah, I guess this is just another thing I am going to have to learn to deal with. Anyway, thanks for your reply. Best to you too.


sandances - October 29

I have some new info since I was last on here. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the strong band of tissue stretching from the heel to the middle foot bones. My doctor suggested trying Arnica cream or gel. Arnica is a plant that grows in the mountains in Europe and it has anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn't totally eliminate my pain but it helps. Also, putting ice on my feet really helps with the inflammation and pain. Also, tight foot and calf muscles aggravate PF so doing stretches and exercises that strengthen those muscles really help. You can find exercises on the LiveStrong website. I was having a lot of pain and mobility problems in my shoulder for a few months and I didn't look forward to another round of physical therapy. My doctor recommended shoulder impingement exercises on LiveStrong and they helped so much! In 2 weeks my shoulder was starting to feel better and now 2 months later my shoulder is totally better after doing the simple exercises every day.


purpleheather - October 29

I haven't posted for some time, but I have found something that helps my plantar fasciitis: I have bought a vibration (power) plate and this is really helpful. I think it is because it helps to release the toxins that are responsible for the inflammation. It also helps with my muscle pains in my legs. I am really pleased with the results, plus it is good for bone density and I have crumbling vertebrae so maybe this will be helped as well.


Susan61 - October 29

Hi Karen, Yes, the diet has helped tremendously! Also, I cut way back on carbs and sugar. My carbs are made up of whole grains....whole grain breads (like Genesis bread) I buy it in a large grocery store (Hy-Vee) that sells natural/organic foods. My eating habits did not change overnight, but I've stuck with this new way of eating for about 8 years now. My stomach is the first to let me know when I am not eating healthy.
I also use a liquid form of calcium and magnesium.....the magnesium helps with muscle pain. Phyto Therapy Liquid Calcium with Magnesium -- 1000 mg - 180 Softgels - I purchase these at

Back to the PF issues, the podiatrist had me take tylenol or aleeve or motrin (whichever worked best for me) for two weeks SOLID. This was to get the inflamation under control. He also suggested that I take a tennis ball and roll the bottom of my foot on it (on the floor). This was to gently stretch the plantar muscle. I read on-line recently that many Dr.'s want to give you a shot a cortisone in the plantar muscle, but that this many times will cause the muscle to tear. Do some research on cortisone.....Dr.'s want to use it often, but it's like a band-aid. It helps with the pain immediatly, but the long term effects are that it actually destroys the soft tissues in the joints and can cause cataracts. Once again, too many negative side effects.


Karen1961 - October 30

Thanks for all your help Susan!


allegro - February 26

I also had plantar fasciitis and suffered way too long before going to the doctor. It took 3 shots of steroids to cure it. Yes, the shots hurt for a minute but nothing compared with the pain from the fasciitis. Don't wait as long as I can be cured!! I also had a mold of my foot made and they made an insert for my shoe. This helped too.


dorret - February 13

HI, CAN I ASK--DOES anyone believe the plantar faciitus is related to fibro?

I got plantar,and tendonitus in my feet for years;I could not walk around for years.I wound up,in my 60's,in a power-chair to get around outside, and at home I walk round.It did take years(again) and I will probably finally get a new chair.I walked on my bad feet,so many years,,it turned into very bad arthritis in the bones, in my feet.They kept putting me on anti-inflammatory meds.Ii am very interested in the MAGNESIUM SUPPLIMENT. is it at all dangerous?I think I will ask the doctor.If is not dangerous, I'll try it.

I don't understand the fibro-plantar connection.I no longer go to podiatrists, only good orthopedists ever helped. Any shoe-insert was so uncomfortable, I always stopped wearing them.Yes, the Gabapentin does help.But those orthotics, forget it.I am tired of doctors they do not seem to know anything! All that AMA power and money, they can't figure it out! Aren't they trying to find out, what all the fibro patients have in common?--any common links? I came here to find any answers, but it is always "symptoms not answers." If anyone knows a site with nswwrs, I'd liike to know. thanks.


Suzetooz63 - May 25

I was treated for plantar faciitus for over 30 years (same podiatrist). I went to a new podiatrist who informs me I have "a little arthritis" in my ankle. Then I go to an orthopedic surgeon and the "a little arthritis" is actually bone on bone arthritis in the ankle. I am getting the run around about getting ankle fixed.


dorret - May 25

i went to a podiatric school in San Francisco. they were so bad, they mis-diagnosed my feet; I got worse, cause all they would do with horribly inflammed feet, was make me very HARD, PAINFUL ORTHOTICS.i didn't even get good help till I went to ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC.--BUT, YES, we have to diagnose ourselves, now, doctors hate insurance, and even govt. insurance--they hate medicare.--when my dad got cancer, years ago, he had excellent doctors--but he paid MONEY--a lot of it.Now, on insurance or medicare, he would have died.(WHY socialistic medicine equals bad or no doctors, I can't control.In England or Canada, they tell me, its that way.--unless people there go to "private clinics" and pay cash, they don't get treatment.--even visitors going to school there, get the problem.I hear stories would curl yer hair!!--from American students who went to England or Canada.THAT scares me.)I might wind up paying cash some day.


dorret - May 25

(you might need to do, what helped me--glucosamine condroitan, 1500 doseage strength, every day--the best brand is the "Costco brand"--(Amazon has it too.)-it sometimes takes about 3 months to help--cause my arthritis and feet inflammation was so bad--it helped a lot.An ex-army nurse told me about it---especially if your (stuff between your joints? has all gone away--my friend also had a "clicking-back"(no stuff twixt joints) he took a lesser amt, his back got better,My feet were very THIN,and walking a lot,in older age, just ruined em a lot---but that helped even my feet. DOGS GET IT TOO---yer dog gets older, limping around, the vet gives it to em.--same basic stuff. If it really does not help withing 3 months at least, it might not do it. It turned out to be real.) :)


dorret - May 25

yes, doctors who don't know what they're doing now, is very common.I'm not sure WHY, long ago, we used to even have GOOD DENTISTS--So if I can go to an OLDER DOCTOR, who friends or others, tell me is good,I try to get them.Even with a newer,younger doctor, his STAFF will give you an idea,if you chat with them,what THEY think of him.--And I had to literally quit going to one woman doctor, she turned out to be so uncaring; later on,I found a local (Oregon) website that REVIEWS DOCTORS--(yes, they have them) and several comments said, the woman doctor was actually cruel, and enjoyed giving her patient pain--when she jabbed him--these people keep working. But at least I am so glad,I quit going to see her. --and now people are forewarned. One counseling agency, I went to, a counselor told me off the records, they had several complaints filed,about that woman doctor---but it was impossible to ever sue her,or even stop her work--only thing, "file a complaint with state medical board."__is all.

Doctors can't even be sued successfully if they kill yer kid,or mess up an operation. (There is this "Peace Health Hospital doctor-theory" going around about sinus infections--"we don't believe sinus infections exist--they are just antibiotics are needed."__which is hugely false!! but their doctors pick up that "popular theory" and they all do it.--I know that sinus infections exist!!!--so do other doctors. But doctors can be "swayed by popular theories" just like anyone else. EXAMPLE: "the medical theory that eating salt is bad for you."--A LOT OF BS.--I ate a ton of salt,all my life, no problem,good blood pressure, ect. good cholesterol.That "salt is bad for you" was deliberately floated by one doctor, with no good studies made--he wanted to get famous for making a major health claim--and get famous he did, but the theory has no evidence. Watch out for unproven, "urban-myth medical theories." Pink salt is extra good for you--???hah hah--but its extra good for those who sell pink salt!!--and "gluten is bad" is great business $$$$ for bakers charging extra for "non-gluten baked goods." ( Oregon is especially bad for huge food fables, because everyone here makes a lot of money selling "special foods" or "special diets."--"extra special-healthy expensive foods" you cannot get cheaper.--but they never give you any proof---just their claim"it will heal you better."--and it always costs a fortune!! Glucosamine does,

the world is a big con.--I would be suspicious of everything--till good evidence.



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