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Fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis?
45 Replies
Susan61 - June 21

Has anyone delt with Fibromyalgia and Plantar Fasciitis? My feet hurt so bad that I can hardly stand up! The pain in now in my knees, hips and lower back.


pickwick - July 2

Are your feet crunchy when you run them? I have that sooo badly. I find that ice & massage, and getting off of them for a significant period of time, are the only things that help.


pickwick - July 2

I do. My feet are crunchy.


DMac1969 - July 9

I have recently been diagnosed with Fibro-I knew that was what it was for years and simply tried to work with my PCP with osteo manipulations for the chronic muscle spasms in my shoulders/neck. She also continued my flexeril and then added trazadone (sp?) which truly has brought about the most relief in my shoulders/neck area (the inability to sleep deeply truly affects the muscles, to have the deep sleep that the trazadone helps with has been a godsend. However, when the plantar fasciitis started, and my PCP/Osteo did a simple manipulation of my feet I KNEW something was wrong. The muslce spasms I feel in my feet travelled up my legs for over a week as a result of that treatment! THAT is when I requested a referral to a rheum. I am truly suffering the most from the PF, hardly able to walk at the end of the day, beginning of the day and many times during the day. In reading these forums I'm still not sure which avenue to take to help the PF, I don't want to go through the time of going to a podiatrist if it's not going to help. I feel so badly for people around me when I get up from sitting because they are shocked at what they see from me and my inability to walk. When the PF started I felt that the chronic muslce spasm I had dealt with for years in the "top" of my body had travelled down to the bottom of my body. I could deal with the fibro better if it wasn't for the PF, however, I truly feel the PF is a part of the fibro.

Any ideas from anyone who has experienced the same and made it through to the other side (no foot pain!), would be greatly appreciated!


sindee - July 17

I have PF and FM and I know exactly what you are going through and I wish there was a simple answer or a fix all cure but like the FM it is something that you learn to live with the foot Dr. told me to take 800mg Ibuprofin and before I got up in the morning to take a towel and wrap it arond the top of my foot and pull it towards me to stretch that muscle in the bottom of your foot. He also suggested cortisone shots which I have not been brave enough to do yet Good Luck


Susan C. - November 11

I was diagnosed with FMS about three years ago. I developed plantar fascitis in June. Until then, I was walking almost every day for exercise. Now I get virtually no exercise. I've had physical therapy for the pf, but that seemed to make it worse. Ice helps, and I've also started wearing good supportive athletic shoes with inserts. That has helped most of all. The PF is better, but still can't stay on my feet for


becky5 - February 13

I have it too. I feel your pain!


Tracieg - July 5

I have developed the intense foot pain, it started in my ankles and toes but now it is the whole foot on fire. It's actually worse than all the leg pain I have. I figure it is just the Fibro.


sandances - August 19

Yes, yes, yes! I have more pain in the morning. My doctor recommended I stretch my calves, particularly at night before going to bed and that has really helped. I stand on the edge of a step and let my heals slowly drop.


Christopher D T - September 10

My experience sounds similar to yours and it took manny years to get some releif and that came when I realised that the symptoms were dramaticly reduced when I wore no shoes, so I then used shoes that were very loose. to describe my situation, when I went walking, after a while pain developed in my feet after more walking the pain moved up to my calves, knees, thighs, then hips all this may have taken half to one hour.
If this sounds fimilar to you you might try this method.
The brand and type of shoe that fulfilled my needs is
INSTRIDE - "SURE FLEX" I bought a pair that was loose fitting, one or two sizes up, they rap around my feet and stayed on, they also have a soft base.
my problem was not recognised or helped by the medical profession
Regards, Christopher


Pikespeak - September 19

I have had PF for over 5 years. It is way better now, but still acts up occasionally. Here's what helped me:
1) FORCE yourself to do some sort of exercise EVERY DAY. Stretching several times a day, swimming, Pilates, Feldenkrais, yoga, etc. You will regret gaining weight (which only makes the PF worse).
2) Check to see if you have a leg-length difference. I now wear a small lift inside my shoe. Dr. Teitelbaum makes a correlation between FMS and leg length.
3) Get custom-made orthodics. Mine are soft and made of a cork base. If insurance doesn't pay for them, ask what the cost will be if you pay cash. Mine were $300 and should last 5 years. A good shoe repair place can make permanent arches in your favorite sandals.
4) YouTube has all kinds of videos that can help you learn various stretches/massage. Just use "plantar fasciitis" as your keywords.
5) Keep a frozen water bottle (2/3 full) in the freezer. Roll your foot on it for 10-15 min., then return it to the freezer.
6) Strengthen the muscles that support your arch. While standing, keep your foot flat on the ground and work the muscle that raises your arch. Repeat 10 times. It is really hard to do at first! I try to remember to do it while I'm in the shower. Add more reps as it gets stronger.


purpleheather - September 19

Hi, my feet are so painful I can hardly walk and it lasts all day, being particularly bad in the mornings and evenings. The only footwear that allows me to walk with any comfort is the speciality sandals that allegedly tone your legs and bottom - it's like walking on shock absorbers and is great. I'm not bothered about the toning effect, it's simply wonderful to be able to walk without twisting my muscles and looking as if I'm 80 instead of 52! They also do boots for the winter when you can't use sandals. Don't know what I'd do without them.


Tracieg - January 19

Everyone with plantar fascitis, google Dr. John Herzog in Falmouth, ME. I know you probably aren't near there but he's not near me either and I swear by him. He does a procedure in his office that takes care of the plantar fascitis. He's an orthopedic specialist. We were in ME visiting my daughter, my husband was in a running shoe store and somehow my condition was brought up. The salesman told us to ask another salesman about what he had just had done for the same thing. He gave me the name, I researched to see if any dr near my home did anything like it. None found, I told my regular dr about it and she tried to find someone even within 2-3 hours away, same results, no one. She gave me a referral to him, I made an appt, got to see my daughter again and went to see him. He diagnosed me with PF and said he could take care of it in a half hour. He did, that was 3 years ago and still going good. Well no PF anyway, I still have the Fibro, peripheral nerve damage, and psoriatic arthritis. Oh yeah and yesterday hyperextended my knee. STRESS!!!!!


annarnusa - April 14

For PF it is extremely important what kind of shoes you are wearing, plus you should never never walk barefooted as that puts more pressure on your bones the best and most affordable are the Scketchers, they make the best shoes,boots, flip-flops and any other type of show you may want. I have been wearing them for years without them I do not step on the floor because I would fall down that's how bed my feet hurt. Then there are many types of little gadgets like straps or boots you can wear during the day the boots for night-time ( i can't wear those boots ) if you are able to tolerate this. I still work because my husband is disabled too and we have 3 boys, I could not work without these.


canadian - June 23

Read your experience with great interest. Dr. Herzog did osteopathy on you, right? He's an orthopedic surgeon and he did osteopathy?
What treatment does he offer than others don't?
Thanks for clarifying.

Until now I never made the connection between fibro and PF


canadian - June 23

Hi everyone.
I'm a newbie, in Canada. Diagnosed fibro at 40, got Chronic fatigue some 3 yrs later. It ruined my career but then I learned to live with. Been coping well and no pain for about 10 yrs now. Elinimated stress and above all toxins,pollution, chemicals. If I want a bad backache I just need to hang out in a shopping mall or wallmart for 15 minutes.
Then suddenlym 3 yrs ago I got plantar fasciitis. Recalcitrant, have customized insoles,nightsplints (most helpful) and cortisone injections (3 months pain-free). Lately I'm making the connection. Scientific medical research does not associate it. Today I found this site and realize you guys have both. It's true my pain trigger points descended as the yrs went by. However, I still cannot understand how FM affects the plantar. Farfetched! I'd like to share info on this.
xokolatenoir at yah com


purpleheather - June 26

I have been taking Duloxetine since November last year and this really helps. Initially I felt like an entirely new woman, although the initial side effects are dreadful and last about 10 days, however your body gets used to the medication and also you tend to push yourself more since you feel better, which means that you feel less good six months down the line; I still feel much better than before the medication and can do so much more, although if I forgot to take the full dose the aches and pains and particularly PF come back immediately. It's a SSNRI (selective serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor) so it helps with energy levels and clears a fuzzy head. PF is caused by inflammation and toxins that descend to the feet. Fibro is also partially caused by toxins, there's the link. Our feet get overloaded with toxins as our circulation can't clear them since we spend so much time on them and gravity gets in the way.



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