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Fibro Pain
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kimsco444 - November 30

I have taken cymbalta for two years with no relief. Put on concerta for adhd combined which helped with resting rather that always moving. I have tried everything, phys therapy, trigger points, epideral steroid injections, accupuncture, herbal remedies, accupuncture with teas, eliminating milk, bread, gluclos, presertavitives. Had childhood pauci articular JRA- one rheumatologist put me on methotroxate, two others said it was just fibromyalgia. This has been two years of psychatrists multiple doctors, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, most signs point to Lupus, RA, but may take time to determine- HOWEVER my best remedy that all should know that no doctors will like to hear is light exercise and Xanax/Alprazolm.
That burning pain and tender spots, jaw clentching and all over body tenderness goes away with 1.5 mg taken 3 times per day. I know it is habit forming, but so are narcotics- for me it was either choosing death over living with the pain or finding a solution. I know most doctors do not like to perscribe because of need to increase dose, but there has to be a way to alternate like with ativan, klonopin, muscle relaxers or something.
All I can say is that it WORKS for me, relieving the pain within 30 minutes or so. Not many docs will agree but if enough people have relief, why is it so controlled when oxycotin, hydrocodone, and other narcotics are so easy to get?
If you need feedback, I'd be happy to discuss my success and how it helps during my flares.


teresat - November 30

Have you been tested for Lupus? I have it & FMS. I have been on a drug regiment for almost a year now of pain meds, neurotin, anit- depressants & several OTC meds such as naprosen, vitamins, & other herbal medications! I was on Xanax for awhile but the DR took me off of it because it is SOOOO addictive!!!! I am now taking Cymbalta & Trazadone. It is working wonderfully for me, not everybody reacts the same, for instance, I can't take amitripylin!! It has the oppsite effect on me!!!! I have also been going to a massage therapist who is certified in the Bowen Technique. It is a technique that redirects you brain signals to heal the areas that are malfunctioning!! I have been doing this for several months and IT WORKS!! I don't know why DR's chose the treatments that they do, but my DR won't give me anti-anxeity meds nor muscle relaxers or sleeping pills! I hope this helps in someway



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