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extreme fatigue with increased morphine meds
3 Replies

Ok, I had been asking my doc forever to keep me at the 30mg Morphine sulfate time released meds and just give me something like vics or percs for breakthru pain.
Well, I had to go to the doc last week. I couldn't handle the pain anymore.
Instead of giving me some break thru meds, he upped my Morphine to 60 mg twice a day.
I waited for the weekend to start this. Well, I am soo tired... It goes back and forth with helping with pain to. Sometimes it works good. Other times, I am just super crazy feeling and the pain is still there.

It doesn't make sense that the doc wouldn't give me something for break thru instead of increasing the heavier med. He did state he doesn't believe in short acting narcotics. Not sure why.

Is anyone else on Extended release Morphine or more STRONG meds? Do they may you feel loopy and tired? Guess it is better than the pain.

Any comments are appreciated ;)


Noca - October 26

Ive been on Statex and MS-Contin(both morphine) and they gave me sinus pressure headaches, chest pain and just made me feel miserable. I switched to Dilaudid and its definitely the med for me, very little side effects and no headaches/chest pain. On Fenantyl however I feel really drowsy at higher doses and just sleep all day.


jag1094 - November 21

I also take the extended release morphin and morphin imm release. I take 1 extended am and 1 pm and can imm release every 6-8 hrs as needed.. It really dont help with pain make chest feel funny, gives me headache and i dont sleep it give me energy.. Makes me feel high.. If you find anything that works please let me know.. I cant take anitflammory it cause kindey failure. I've had fibro snice 1996.


rudegirl771 - November 30

yes, i was on oxycodin, the pain relief was great but i felt hideous, tired, i felt like i was dragging a truck behind me. I have been weined off them, the pain is worse but I do actully think it is worth it, I felt out of control.



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