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drug sensitivity with fibro?
6 Replies
mummylove - January 31

Is there a drug sensitivty with fibro?
ie- allergic to almost every drug not so much herbal ones? esp antibiotics penicillan etc
just curious really, I seem to have some toxity issues I think?


axxie - February 7

Yes, I am, at one point I had sensitivity will all penicillin, so much so I ended up at the emergency once. Once I was diagnose with fibro and put on medication, I found out I was not allergic just sensitive, I get what they call the leaky gut syndrome.


Fantod - February 27

Yes, many people with fibromyalgia have chemcial sensitivities. I am allergic to all kinds of medication which includes OTC as well as prescription drugs. I have had some really bad reactions. Antibiotics are a nightmare. I have been told by a holistic doctor that I am actually not allergic in the true sense of the word but simply not able to process the drug. Many holistic doctors feel that fibromyalgia originates in the gut as most of the immune system is there. Like you, I do well with homeopathic medication. Take care.


FMS12yrs - October 5

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome is common with FMS. Often a hit-or-miss approach to see what medications work, research what the basic ingredients are in the drugs that work and especially those that don't for you, so you don't wind up taking a drug that causes a reaction then getting its chemical equivalent to try. Unfortunately, many doctors seem to miss this basic fundamental. I have some problems, and have to be my own advocate to make sure I don't get precribed effectively the same drug. To be safe, take your 1st dose when someone else is there. Also, you may be sensitive to a color or suspension the drug is in, not the drug itself. Red is common, as is thimerisol.


Canada17 - October 6

It's amazing the connections I've made between the things that I've felt and experience after being diagnosed with FM. I've always been sensitive to chemicals so it's no wonder that the strong pharmacueticals prescribed to treat my FM aren't tolerated well by my body.

On top of that, pretty well anything chemically engineered/man-made causes problems for me. Anything from artifical flavouring/colouring in food to scents in my laundry detergent.

While I tolerate some drugs well, like Advil, similar drugs cause problems for me.

I think all the pollutants in the water and air and preservatives in food have compounded this problem. I feel like it gets worse with age by way of toxic build up in my system.


Sonja44 - October 15

Oohhhhh YES! I'm very sensitive to any med...prescription or OTC. I've learned to be proactive with my doc regarding meds and careful with anything I take into my system.

Take care!


Canada17 - November 18

My doctor is now considering the fact that I may be allergic to narcotics - while this would be rare, it would explain the reactions I've had. I'll have to have testing done to confirm.



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