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Drug program that works?
11 Replies
TERESA - October 1

Does anyone out there have a drug regiment that seem to be working for them? If so, do you mind sharing? My treatment consists of an antidepressant. antianxiety drug, neuortin, & two powerful pain meds. Plus, I take a hand FULL of vitamins & otc arthritis drugs. I'm able to live a semi-normal life with this regiment, but I was just wondering what is working for others?


Virg - October 1

Hi Teresa, I'm not on any helpful drug regeime . What powerful pain meds are
you taking . I am just with l or 2 tylenol
3s and they just take the edge off for a while, to get me going but come night
time after a full day I'm not partying thats
for sure.


Kimber2270 - October 1

I am now off of all of my pain and sleeping meds plus no antidepressants. I am only taking a vitamin/mineral pack from Metagenics. Licorice Plus from Metagenics, and 2 different amino acids (all were prescribed by my homoepathic doctor). I also take Armour thyroid, have accupuncture done, and am on a sugar-free/yeast-free diet. I have been pain free for the mostpart (except when stress has caused a minor flareup) and I take Aleve for that. I was tired of the other meds and their side effects so decided to take a different route to a homeopathic doctor and I am amazed how much better I feel.


Virg - October 1

Hi Kimber2270, that's great and does sound really good. I do have to ask this because of budget control (NOT that I'm condoning drugs which are financially
covered) but would you share how much
that would cost a month. I Live in Canada so probably the cost would be more but this is important to me as I would like to see what can be done.


TERESA - October 2

Virg, I take Neurotin 3 times a day, Paxil at bed time, Xanax .5 at bedtime, a anti-malarial for the Lupus 2 tmes a day, MS 2 times a day, Vicodin 7.5 3 times a day for break through pain, Aleve 2 time a day, & a HAND FULL of asorted vitamins! I feel a lot better now,at least I can function like NORMAL people, but I still have pain (just not as bad). I take SOO.. many pills, I was just wondering if anyone else does too?


Virg - October 3

Hi Teresa.. sorry about not replying earlier its been moving packing time had to shop buy a car cuz the other stopped and then came down with a stomach flue or food poisining who knows. I'm going to consider vicodin if that siatica doesn't cease its unbearable. I did try nuerotin but it upset
my stomach. Paxil I did take but found after 2 years they stopped working or were getting me more depressed. I take
pariette for acid and heartburn. Propanalol for tremors, migraine and it
lowers high blood pressure, a water pill
and now crestor for cholestrol. I took my
last dose of effexior for depression which I honestly didn't think it was doing
me any good but we'll see. I also take
Trazadone at night for a deeper sleep (IT works when I'm completely exhauseted) Plus tylenol with codiene. Except for the trazadone I down all this with Metamucil in the morning because \
I find it helps my IBS. I take metamucil at
night as well (when I remember or am not so tired). I wonder it we couldbe the
poster girls for tablets??ha ha.


Kimber2270 - October 3

I get the generic version of the Armour thyroid and I only paid $16.99 for 100 pills. The licorice plus runs around $20 and the vitamin packs around $60. You may be able to find them cheaper in Canada. The amino acids are formulated from my testing and I get them thru my doctor from Senesco. I think they are about $20 each. If you go to the Metagenics and Senesco websites, you may be able to talk to your doctor about the supplements and find a cheaper version.


Virg - October 3

Thanks for the info much appreciated and looks like a good price range. I'll
definitly look into it.


TERESA - October 6

Well I have another drug to add to my list it's amitriptylin. Does anyone know anything about it? Has anyone taken it? He gave it to me for sleep. It's supposed to help with the pain too.


Kimber2270 - October 8

Teresa--I took that at one point and had so many side effects that I stopped taking it. Plus it really didn't help much.


TERESA - October 8

Kimber2270 I took it last night for the first time. I was up all night long! The doctor took me off the Paxil & Xanax and I'm suppose to take the amitriptylin instead. I know that some of thesedrugs take a while to work, but I have to work tomorrow. This SUCKS!!


Maura A. - November 9

I was just reading about the drugs everyone is taking. I have Fibromyalgia and RSD and this is what I am taking. I was wondering if any one else is taking any of these drugs? Lexapro 20mg, Oxycodone 20mg 2X a day,Klonopin 2X a day,Lisinopril 10mg,Arthrotec 2X a day, Prevacid 30mg,Neurontin 600mg 3X a day, Calcium 1,500mg daily, Vicodin 5/500 1 every 6 to 8 hours for break a way pain, Folcaps, Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg and Tylenol Arthritis 2X a day. How much relief should we be getting? Thanks



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