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does vicodin help the pain of fibromyalgia?
6 Replies
jill - December 10

i take vicodin for my fibromyalgia pain and it does'nt seem to help much.what is the general concensus on the use of vicodin for fibromyalgia pain?


Misti47 - July 28

Take hydrfocodone 10/500 with soma 3-4 times a day. Those help me


firomama - March 14

I agree w- pp about the soma's, i use them 3x daily. i also use vicodin for FM and it usually does a pretty good job. but there are those days when it doesnt and that ususally means that nothing is really gonna work and i just "breath" through the day. funny thing, percocets dont work at all on me-ever!what are your dosages and amounts per day?


feelinghopeless - March 25

Question, are you folks able to work while taking these drugs? That is my concern....I am a teacher and while I cannot work due to the pain I am in, I am worried about the meds that I may have to start taking.


Noca - March 25

I find Percocets A)too large and B) too weak. I use Dilaudid 4mg pills, up to 4 a day. They just take the edge off the chronic FMS pain and dont do a thing to my bone tumor pain. I may add Codeine Contin 100-200mg a day in addition to my 25mcg/h Fentanyl patches I wear everyday. Hopefully I'll find some relief from that.

feelinghopeless, I cant do physical work or stand for long periods of time. I had to quit my pharmacy tech career because of that. I'm going back to school to study psychology in hopes of having a job one day that doesn't require my defective body of mine.

What parts of being a teacher do you find you are unable to do because of your pain?



I am new to this forum. I am a 28 year old single mother and was diagnosed with FM over a year ago. I have had severe back pain for as long as I can remember. I take vicodin everyday. 3 or 4 extra strength (750). I agree there are days where NOTHING helps! I am trying to get my doctor to put me back on the fentanyl patch. Those worked good and I had my pills for the break through pain. Hang in there and I hope you find something that helps!


hollyholthaus - May 13

At first I could only take 1/2 a Vicodin, now I can do a whole one and stomach it. I get horrible neck and head pain and it's the only thing that helps with the headaches. I couldn't drive the first while I was taking it, but now it doesn't affect me near as much that way. No other pain meds I've tried have helped, and this is the only opiod that hasn't made me sick or feel like my head wants to spin off:]))



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