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Dealing with opiod stigma
25 Replies
fibro4years - August 5

I totally understand. Last week at the pharmacy
because my prescrp. was one day early they looked
at me like I was some kind of drug addict. I should
not feel like I have to defend myself. People do
not understand the amount of pain and emotional
tole this takes on a person. I started doing mail
order for my prescriptions. I take hydrocodone
10/500 and this works pretty good for me. There are
times when I am worse and really could use
something stronger until I get through the flare up
but havent asked my doctor yet. I am afraid to ask
for oxy contin.


JOEGIRL - August 10

I am in on everything everyone has said on this subject. I know how it feels for people to think you are a pillhead if you take pain meds you really need . I know my family dr. doesn't like me being in paincare but He not in pain. I have seen friends that don't have medical insurance buy drugs off the street because they were in pain and couldn't afford paincare. The list goes on and on and its really sad.What gets me is my family dr wants me off pain meds but I think any medication has side effects no matter what it is so whats the difference? Just likke right now , I am on Lyrica and having problems and its not a narcotic.


mimosette - August 11

Cherie_08, if someone, family or not, with held meds from my Mama, there would be an azz whuppin going on. Fibro or not, I believe my temper would give me a burst of energy to do just that. Or report them. Or threaten to report them. Or all three.

I really do understand what y'all are going thru, even tho I don't take any prescription pain meds (they all make me throw up). I used to get flak all the time from my Daddy about getting off all of my "Dope " , which consists of thyroid med, Cymbalta,B12, Lunesta, and Topamax (for migraines)until I lost it and told him off.

When you tell someone off REALLY good, they tend to leave you alone . They can say what they want behind my back, but just better watch what they say to my face, especially on a bad day!


corrections1 - August 14

Unfortunatlly were in a scociety that has abused the medication that WE as sufferers NEED to have. I feel for your situation!!!! I like alot of people have a Dr.that can barely even look at me anymore, because he Believes that I have FM but is unwilling to allow me to even have vicodin because its addictive. OK, so now I eat Ultram like tic tacs and mix it with numerous other medications like neurontin ,Buspar, Soma and alaprazolam(Only if really needed) Just to feel ok a little bit. We get no sympathy or help. when on the Vicodin I functioned just fine, but since it's a NARCOTIC were left to suffer. What was that made for anyways? Pain!!! We all have been to and through the hoops and to the specialist,many thousands of dollars spent and that alone is proof enough that we are in fact Suffering!!! If I were an addict......Dont you think we would have gotten the medication on the streets and through other means along time ago???
I suffer and have been seeing the same Dr for 19 years a D.O and the other specialist too like nuerologist,rhuemotologist and surgeons. But my D.O is my primary Dr and if you look for someone else you are stereotyped as a Drug seeker. Whats a person to do????


toots2889 - August 20

cwilliams, I to am going thru this. Im on Vicadin for pain and hate going to pharmacy to pick them up. They make me feel ashamed that im on them. If they only knew what we go thru on a daily basis, just maybe they could show alittle compasion unstead making us feel like were addicts and pill pushers.
Going to urgent care here is a joke. I know refuse to go. I will suffer before I go there. The last few times i went in there they were cruel and ugly to me. Preached how i shouldnt be on vicadin (one doc. told me narcotics do not help fibro patients and refused to help me. She made me so mad and upset I said id never go back.
Like you said, they make you feel like a loser, whose just addicted to pain pills. Its nice to know im not the only one being treated this way.


tnichel - August 20

Right there with you. Before I was diagnosed I went to an urgent care ctr. b/c I could not turn my neck or lift my arm. I asked for something comparable to hydrocodone b/c that's what my doc put me on for severe headeaches (I didn't know the abuse was so rampant then). Since the doc couldn't find anything thru his series of tests he gave me the worst look ever and sent me on my way with nothing. I had to go back to work and sit in pain for 5 more hours. It was the worse. I was almost near tears b/c of the doc's contemptuous look. I had half and mind to go back after i was diagnosed to give that doc a mouthful about his abrasive manner. It's a never-ending battle it seems when you have fibro. Docs, friends, family don't always take you seriously and when it's a doctor it's even worse.


caligirl2001 - September 24

I struggle with understanding why needing something stronger than an ibuprofen to relieve chronic pain automatically classifies one as an addict. It is very frustrating. My doctors office told me that if I wanted a refill, I need to be "reevaluated". So 60 pills (5/500 hydrocodone) last me 2 1/2 months, but I still need to pay for another cash visit (no health insurance right now) for them to go over my records and reconfirm what they should already know - that I live with pain every day and deserve the dignity of a few pain free hours to enjoy my kids and family. I can't even fold a basket of laundry without being in agony for 2 days. And I get terrible migraines.

Nice to see that I am not alone in being treated terribly for needing medication. Never had any problems with pharmacists, just doctor's offices.


axxie - September 24

How I understand all of you, yep I found MS Contin helped me when my surgeon prescribed them to me for surgery. So I use them sparingly I am afraid my doctor will not want to prescribe them to me. She know's that I have fibro but she feels it can all be waved by taking one cymbalta a day, I sometimes use my trazadone to help me with the pain, at least it relaxes me.

Going to see my doctor next week I'll again ask for some, see what she says, I"m still waiting to see a rheumy it's a year wait here in Canada.


Noca - October 31

I dont give a shit what anyone thinks of me taking Dilaudid, Amphetamine and Benzos. I know this for sure though that no ER is ever gonna give out narcotics. You have to get them from your pain clinic doctors or specialists etc.


firomama - March 17

i get this all the time as well. i know my PCP doesnt like writing the script's but he also knows im in pain and i have tried so many other meds w- no real success. but my old pharmacy actually tried to to get me in trouble this past aug. i broke my tailbone. obviously i was in pain, the hosp. knowingly gave me more meds on top of my regular script to help in the pain. well the idiot pharmacist called the dr's office and said i was making things up just to get more drugs! my dr and i agreed it was time to switch pharmacy's. its gotten better since. i still feel the judgement from family that dont get it though. they wont say anything, but i get looks if i have to take my meds or you hear the "whispers". it sucks but to bad, the pain sucks more. im a "pill head" out of need not want. it does bother me though, i hate the stigma.



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