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cymbalta - swollen ankles
4 Replies
canadacalling - May 2

I have been on cymbalta for more than 2 months now, and am on 60 mgms. one day and 30 the next alternating because 30 is the better one for me. However, I am having bouts of swollen ankles both of them, every day for a week. I have a diruretic and have been taking that. Does anyone else have this problem.

I love the cymbalta, because absolutely NO PAIN but the ankles swelling make me a little anxious. I already am on heart medications for atrial fib. Can someone clue me in as to if it is the wonderful cymbalta. Thanks.


Fantod - May 2

I googled yur question and found that this is a less common side effect of Cymbalata and one that you should be discussing with your doctor. Take care.


canadacalling - May 6

thanks Fantod; and I have now another perhaps side affect, so am making an appointment with the Dr. I am trying to figure whether it is from the 30 or 60 mg. one, as I am alternating days about. So of course, you know how we do our own research about anything, and thank gosh we do. I appreciate your anwering so soon. Regards.


canadacalling - May 12

well, I had my Dr. appointment, and I think this Dr. is out to lunch as well...I presented her with some I thought side effects that should not be, on taking cymbalta, I am having dark urine, swelling ankles, and some palpitations. Now I already have atril fib, so have medications for the palpitation. However, I will give her credit for this, she is setting me up for yet another 48 holter monitor, said the swollen ankles are not really anything to worry about, and dark urine can be caused by anything. She did a lot of blood work, and we will see what the monitor does this time. I cannot tell you how many times I have had either the 24 hour or the 48 hour on. I feel like a telephone line man, I really do. I guess to really get a lauggh - picture this me, with a CPAP mask onmy entire face, and a holter monitor, all hooked up to various parts of me in the bed beside me while I sleep. I have a great imagination, so think only what I look like, and feel no one would want to break into my house. I wonder if I will scare the cat... Having lots of rain in southwestern Ontario it can get so depressing, without sunshine I am not really at par. The wind and rain have been constant. How is the weather where you people are...Let me know, at least it is something else to yak about. Regards.


haolegirl - June 16

Cymbalta exaccerbated my already severe symptoms to the point where I was falling down and wretching. It was horrific.



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