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Cymbalta or Wellbutin ?
10 Replies
Karkel - January 9

Doctor gave me an RX for both and told me to fill which ever one I feel comfortable with...not sure I'm comfortable with is either better for weight loss as that would be an added I take vicodin for pain. Does anyone get a tight dull achcy feeling in back of neck ?


Noca - January 10

Wellbutrin tends to cause either weight loss or no weight change at all while Cymbalta either causes weight gain or no change at all.

Depending on what illness you are trying to treat depends on what would be a better choice.

Cymbalta has generally better results with treating Fibromyalgia than Wellbutrin but pharmacologically, both should work.

If you are taking them for depression, then Cymbalta works better than Wellbutrin.

If you are taking them for anxiety, then Cymbalta works better and Wellbutrin doesnt work at all.


Dyinside44 - January 14

I happen to disagree with Noca. I used Wellbutrin for several years which helped me with depression, panic attacks, and ADD. I strongly recommend Wellbutrin.

Wellbutrin got me down to the thinnest I have ever been, but not in a bad way. Once I was at a nice healthy weight it stabalized and kept me there still I quit taking it.

Another pro of wellbutrin is that it helps you not smoke. I never had that issue as I have always been a non-smoker, but I dont know about you.

Weight loss is awesome for fibromyalgia. I can pinpoint very distinct differences in my pain levels and range of motion now that I aphave put on 30 pounds. I could imagine losing it again would be an amazing feeling as far as my fibromyalgia is concerned, not only my ego. :)

The wellbutrin definitely had happier days as far as just my mood is concerned. I was more outgoing and friendly and the gloom and doom days were very few and far between as opposed to now and before taking it which is everyday.

But you do have to keep in mind that any antidepressant effects everyone differently as all of our minds and bodies process and react differently.

I would still take wellbutrin today if I had insurance.

I personally tried Cymballta at one point and it made me feel totally weird. I guess my mood was better but I did feel groggy as if I was drugged, which I did not with Wellbutrin.


Dyinside44 - January 14

Sorry some of my words are weird like still instead of til and aphave instead of have... On my stupid smart phone.

And ps: yes I do get those feelings in my neck.


January - January 17

Hi Karkel. Just my 2 cents. Start at a low dose and increase only if needed. Cymbalta can raise your blood sugar to pre-diabetes and pack on weight. Also, it can make you really groggy, out of it and unmotivated. Wellbutrin drove me right up the walls. I can see how it would help you lose weight. I couldn't handle either one, but from reading this site, many seem to be helped.

Before you take them, read up on their nasty side effects - ask your pharmacist for a printout from his most current professional database - more extensive than the routine sheet you get with the Rx.

If you're depressed consider food allergies (gluten free diet cured my depression), light therapy, vitamins and supplements like SAM-e or St. Johns Wort. For anxiety, an older, safer drug like Valium might have fewer side effects. If you can take opiates for pain, that is one of the best routes for treatment, IMO.

Make sure you get your liver and kidney function tested routinely if you take these drugs. Not sure if Vicodin has Tylenol in it, but any amount of Tylenol is hard on your liver, so monitor it. According to Life Extension, you can help protect your liver by taking Milk Thistle.

Try heat and massage for the neck.

Good luck to you, let us know how you feel!


lucky13 - February 18

years ago before I knew I had fibro, I took Paxil for my anxety/depression and it worked great, but I wanted to get pregnant in the future so my Dr switched me to wellbutrin and it didn't help very much at all with either my anxiety or depression.
Fast forward to today, I have a new Dr and he perscribed me Celexa for my depression/anxiety/fibro.
Antidepressants are not all the same, you need one that works with the serotonin in your brain, this is what is beleaved to affect Fibro. You may want to google it, but I'm not sure if wellbutrin is an SSRI. The Celexa I am on is, and I can tell a little diffrence, I still have flares, but not as often. and my daily aches and pains are tolerable.
The Cymbalta works with your serotonin so you may want to give that one a shot first.
Good luck


dlrjdg - September 20

I am newly diagnosed with fibro. My neurologist put me on Cymbalta and I lost 10 pounds the first month. It has helped my anxiety, but not as much as Xanax did. It has helped my migraines most of all, not as much my pain and burning. About 6 years ago I tried to use Wellbutrin for depression. It just made me want to kill everyone I came in contact with. I was angry and agitated all the time, so I quit taking it. I didn't lose any weight with it.


January - September 22

This is only my experience. I started out feeling GREAT (hypomanic) on an SSRI (which I requested for minor depression), but I became very ill over the years, as the first SSRI quit working, dosage was raised and then i was switched around. They interact with all kinds of drugs, so be careful. During this time I developed fibro.

The last two drugs I took were the same as you. Cymbalta made me very sick; it interacts with all kinds of other drugs - which no one told me about. I had severe electrolyte problems. I went through a lot of surgery when I was taking it and I was so sick I nearly died. I had no energy, increased pain, brain zaps, fainting, possible liver problems, metabolic issues and extreme depression, etc. I also went into prediabetes.

My doctor then put me on Wellbutrin and I had the same feeling as you dlrjdg! Thought I was going through the roof with anxiety, couldn't sleep, had heart pounding panic attacks. I thought I was going to die. It was SO bad, I quit everything cold turkey and never looked back. It's been about 5 years now, and it took at least 2 years for me to start to feel normal. I am better at last, but I do feel those drugs caused long term damage. Maybe they work for some people - but for others, they are bad news. Listen to your own body. My experience was that NO doctor EVER told me it might be that I could not tolerate antidepressant drugs. And no doctor knew about the extensive side effects. I decided to quit taking them, and going cold turkey is hard. If you decide to quit, taper down under a doctor's supervision - or visit the online website that offers great help. It's called theroadback (dot) org. But if Cymbalta's working for you, maybe you are one of those who can tolerate it. Good luck with it and hope you feel better.


Shelia77 - October 21

Not sure how old this post is I just found the group. I have terrible fibro pain and take pain meds only never been able to tolerate anything that effects seratonin. I also have gained 30lbs I want to lose but hurt too bad to really exercise. What dose of Wellbutrin did you take? I tried the XL couldn't sleep. Doc gave me sr 150mg once I added a second dose I had side effects is 150 SR once a day enough to help fibro pain


Shelia77 - October 21

What dose did you take of Wellbutrin to help fibro and lose weight?


dorret - February 13

HI, I noticed that just about everyone had depression, Can you say that you were depressed BEFORE the fibro came, or AFTER the fibro came?I had to go to a chiropractor several years ago because of severe back pain,and that helped my back a lot. Chiropractors deal with NERVES that affect the rest of your body.--Don't avoid seeing one, if some of your fibro is in your back.It really helped! The Cymbalta helped my bad depression a lot.It took literally MONTHS here,in Oregon,to get a psychiatrist to get Cymbelta! (A medical person told me,all the psychiatrists are leaving Oregon,and other medical people also.)But, yes, the Cymbalta helped a lot. My fibro came late, in my 60's. I can't get any pain killers except high doses of Acetaminophen .The doctors here are afraid of losing federal funding so they won't give you narcotics. (Types of Marijuana are legal here, now,some people use that for pain.I am not interested.) But if you can'handlee Cymbalta, it helped a lot.

I have had depression bad, most of my life, so I am curious if MAJOR DEPRESSIONS can ultimately cause fibro? Because it really seems to affect your MOOD so much,



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