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Coping With Fibro
11 Replies
Vicki - March 7

Hello everyone. I just recently found the forum here and have been looking for a way to communicat with others that are going through what I am going through.
I was wondering if anyone could possibly share what kind of medications you are taking and if they are helping you. My doctor just finally after 7 years diagnosed me with Fibro which I already figured I had and everybody else I talked to, but she is starting me on medications I have already taken and never worked.
I just dont know how much more of the pain I can take, I cant even function around the house much anymore with it and I have no help here, plus my disability fight is not going well either. Ive been close to giving up on the whole thing. I would appreciate any suggestions or comments you might have. Thank you.


Maggie - July 19

Hi, Vicki:

I know what you are going through. I am going through the same thing. I have been through all that for 10-12 years. I finally went to a pain specialist and got some relief but my insurance did not cover him so I had to quit going. He had me on MS Contin 2X/day at 30 MG and Percocet for breakthrough pain when needed. It helped because I had been running low grade fever for about 3-4 years and when I started taking oxycodone/apap, it quit. The MS Contin did not stop the fever. I know your pain and how our PCP doesn't want to give us the 1-2 little pills that could make our life tolerable and more productive. Regarding your disability, go to the Allsup web site. They specialize in FMS and CFS. They are handling my case but they have a 94% success rate so it wouldn't hurt to try. Good luck!!!


jimall - August 19

I have been on celexa ( an antidepresent)
for apx. 6 years, it had been working great up entil lately.
Now my symptoms are comming back.
Maybe it will work for you... I pray


Joni - August 19

I found this website that helps explain how the disability process works & gives you insight for what answers are best to elaborate on or not when fighting for diability.
am sorry for your pain & suffering. Please hang in there! Just do what you can, chip away at chores for the house. Dirty dishes or vacuuming can wait. Take care of yourself first!


Jaime - August 19

I have been diagnosed for about 6 years. Every pain med. gets taken off the market. Right now I take Tylenol Arthritis for pain and I take Lexapro each night to help me sleep through the night. A good sleep is a huge benefit, and I have a special pillow that supports my neck. Exercise, while hard at first, is very helpful. If you can swim or do water aerobics, do it! I have good days and bad days, but I muddle through.


donna - October 21

I have had fibro. for 6 years now. I have taken differant things. I have taken a lot of Meds. Now i take Codeine,Some of the time ,my kids help me remember what i have to be thnkful for. Keep your mind on other thing ! It helps.I will pray for you


Jean - October 22

Do not stop your disability fight, keep it going. Medications I use: Flexeril(muscle relaxer) Talwin NX (pain) Remeron (antidepressant) Ambien (sleep)-this will rebound after a while. notice if you have restless leg sydrome. Its when you can't keep your legs still when your ready to sleep if you have this problem take klonopin and get off the ambien.
It is very important to get rid of the pain and to get restful sleep. Hope this helps.


sue - January 12

my husband has polymyalgia, and is on predisone DR.has to moniter his liver closely, due to medication, he can't function without it, very painful, Hope you have a lawyer for your disibilty fight Best of Luck Sue


auntiebitzy - January 14

hello vicki. i have had fibro for many years. here are some helpful suggestions: 1) find a good arthritis doctor who will prescribe the right meds for you. Elavil is good, but causes weight gain; so does Xanax. I found trazadone works well, with no ill side effects, but after about a year, it stopped working. It is imporant to keep in touch with your doctor. 2) exercise... either water stretching classes, water aerobtics and/or walking everyday. this really helps with the aches and pains of fibro. 3) as far as the disability, don't get discouraged, and don't give up!!!!. find a good lawyer who specializes in social security disability. he will do all the work for you and you don't pay him anything. he gets paid from your disability settlement. Really, it is really worth fighting for!!! DO NOT GIVE UP. If you read about social security disability, more than 50% of claims are denied because SS knows most people won't fight it, because they are discouraged and think they are not entitled, or don't know what to do on how to continue. So good luck and keep going. And whatever you do, don't let it get the best of you. I know some days are harder than others, but you need to keep going. Hope I helped a little. Liz


Mica - January 17

Get a disability attorney, that is probably the only way you will get it. Oxycontin and neurontin have helped me for 5 years. Still can't get to sleep though. Good Luck


RITA - February 7



Linda - March 7

I have been on Gabapentin (the issue is an increasing miligrams for same comfort) for nearly three years, my PCP was extremely helpful after she attended a conference on the subject. The pain seems to cycle which is hard. I have also had muscle relaxers (both Flexiril and Zanaflex) and Ambien. I found the high levels of Vicodin required to ease the pain had too many side effects I couldn't live with. Don't give up your disability fight, mine was easy, however, the long-term disability I paid for all those years at work is another matter all together. I look forward to the day when "they" find proof this debilitating condition exists outside "our" heads and way to treat the pain.



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