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12 Replies
KHawley - March 13

Does anyone here take this for sleep? I was just diagnosed with this and the dr. prescribed this. I have not yet taken it.


AprilD - March 25

Hello. I'm new to this site/forum but I came across your post and HAD to respond.

DO NOT take this drug (Klonopin is the brand name) for longer than a couple of weeks. I'm as serious as a heart attack and I'll tell you why...

I was prescribed Klonopin FOURTEEN yrs. ago by my dr. for "panic disorder". It's in the class of drugs called benzodiazepenes, which are extremely addictive. Klonopin is the most addicting of all because it binds so tightly to your receptor cells in your brain.

It has made my Fibro worse over the yrs. I've been in 2 rehabs to get off of no avail. It literally "hi-jacks" your brain after a while & becomes a part of it. It's like a lock & key. A perfect fit so-to-speak.

I'm seeing an Addictionologist now to ween myself off. Anyhow. Stop it ASAP. Please. I take Benadryl to sleep. Try that. Best of luck to you!



lmhs1935 - March 28

My daughter started this about three weeks ago for panic attacks that have developed as a result of depression from her fibro pain. So far it has worked some for that.


jmt - April 7

This medication works well in improving sleep quality. I was originally given it for anxiety, but recently I had to go off of it for an allergy test. I have been off of it for almost two weeks. Thank heavens I have the allergy test tomorrow. I haven't been able to stay asleep and have had to take lynesta ( which I really don't like) to be able to sleep through the night. I am looking forward to being able to go back on it. I no longer have a need for it for anxiety and my level of anxiety after going off of it has not increased. So I think that I don't need it for anxiety but I certainly need it for sleep. I highly recommend this for improvement in sleep.


jmt - April 7

I highly recommend this med. I had to recently go off of it. I am not able to sleep through the night without it. I have had to go on Lynesta ( which doesn't work well for me) to be able to sleep. I had to go off the clonazepam for an allergy test . I have been off it for almost 2 weeks. I have the allergy test tomorrow and I am looking forward to be able to take it again. I haven't had a full nights sleep since going off of it.


InHisSteps - April 22

I was given this for restless leg syndrome and it works great for me, within 20 minutes. I do believe it also helps with sleep. I take as needed.


bharmon - May 15

Dear Khawley: don't keep taking the meds. I have had FMS for about 10 yrs and I've seen it all. Have taken so many meds that its rediculous. My husband has been telling me for a long time that its going to hurt me and make me worse - now I am having kidney problems. You see, the body was not meant to be a drug center and there is just so much that we don't know yet. I quite taking the Cymbolta and Lyrica and Trammadol and Hydrocodone - Talked to the Pharmacist today and he suggested Pergagesic as it works on relaxing the muscles as not other over the counter drug does and best of all, it won't hurt you. My advice sweetie is: be good to yourself and that starts with being good to the body that God gave you. Take a hike, go for a swim, drink plenty of water, meditate, and pray. You will find a better and cheaper way. Good luck and heres to your better health. bharmon


bharmon - May 15

Another thing...It doesn't matter if you feel that your loved or not....what matters is that you learn how to be good to yourself. You can do this. bharmon


daytriper - February 15

as a fibromyalgia chronic pain sufferer who has tried several anti convulant mediatios most recently Lyrica with HORRIBLE side effects, cunjuntive itits,and sore throat then blisters on my toungle. Every medicaation I tried for this problem: neuronton, ;yrica, tegretol, keppra etc have been bad, I cant tolorate tricyclyic antidepressants, cymbalta. I dont understand why doctorspush these medications on you more then the pain medications these have just as bad side effects as the others. I have been on clonazepam for over a year for panic attaccks with good results. I sarted on a low dose. Clonazepam or baclofen are the last two choices I have left untill I go back to narcotics. I dont know what else I can do....


axxie - February 16

Opioids, is not an illegal sbstances, the problem is doctor and numbers. How much pain can we tolerate and how much opioids does it take to take away the pain, does not generally mean that you will become an addict. Opioids does not make you fuzzy like the drugs that are being prescribe, Opioids give you the ability to take away the pain and so your mind can concentrate on getting on with life. Patients with chronic pain may suffer needlessly because of lack of doctor training prejudice and politics concerning the use of opioids. It has less side affects then many other drugs that are precribe to us, and patients in chronic pain are not common in developing addiction behaviors. Any combination of morphine and NMDA inhibitor dextromethorphan provides twice the pain relief of the morphine dose in a longer-lasting and faster-acting form, and appears safe for chronic pain conditions such as FMS. There are transdermal patches that are available. Codeine and codeine-like substances such as hydrocodone require an enzyme, CUP2D6 to break them down into their working metabolite, some drugs, such as Prozac, Darvon, Lamasil, Haldol and Paxil suppress this enzume, Care providers should be aware of this interaction, and discuss options with the pharmacist. Higher dosages may be required, interaction may be partly responsible for the mistaken belief that opioids don't work in FMS.


mimosette - July 14

My only advice is that if you ever decide to quit the Klonopin, do it with your dr's advice and wean slowly. It has very severe withdrawals.

I was on it for 3 years for anxiety, and thought I was gonna die when I went thru withdrawals when I quit it.


fancithatt - July 26

Hello, I have taken this drug for at least 4 years (for sleep disorder & restless leg) and it has worked wonderful for me. I go off it once a week on the same day usually so it will continue to work and I have had no problems with it. I sleep much better and have no side effects from it. I can't say that about some of the other drugs that have been prescribed to me. Good luck in your choice.


JOEGIRL - July 28

I have never taken Clonazepam but my husband takes it for sleep and restless legs. He says it works great for him. Hope you have goodluck with it.



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