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Break thru meds needed, and doc won't give them!
15 Replies

I am currently on Morphine CR 30 mg twice a day. This keeps the pain level ok MOST of the time.

When I first started this, my doc had given me Tylenol #3 for a break thru med. Well, this didn't work. When I needed it, I would have to take 2 which would KNOCK ME OUT cold! I couldn't even KEEP my eyes open!

So, I went to the doc on Tuesday and asked if he could give me something else. He stated that he didn't want to give me anything for breakthru, but he could up the Morphine. Well, I am already having a lot of side effects from the Morphine and would rather just take a vic or percocet once a day.

Any suggestions?
Any and all would be appreciated!


Fantod - August 20

I believe that I have already suggested Curamin which is a spice. I know that this sounds totally crazy but it really does do a decent job on my breakthrough pain. I use a brand made by Terry Naturally. You can find highly purified brands of Curamin at any decent healthfood store.

It may be time to see someone else for some different ideas on how to manage your situation. Take care.


ellymay - September 1

If you are not seeing a pain management specialist that would be my suggestion. They have a much better understanding of pain issues and have many more options available which makes it more possible to find a regimen that helps to control your pain while still allowing you to function. Primary care docs are not always up on the latest and have fears of "killing their pts" with narcotics. They tend to be more understanding when they or someone they love deals with pain issues. I am an RN, have FM and stick with docs in the larger cities.



Okay, so now I am asking my rheumatologist to help me out. My doctor said "Short Acting Narcotics is not something he will presribe while I am on Morphine. But they can up the dose of the Morphine." What don't these docs get? I don't want to be soo doped up on Morphine that I can't work or function!!! I thought they would be good with giving me a breakthru pain med for once a day as needed. I am tired of these doctors being so insensitive!


Fibrosukz - September 3

i feel for you. I am in kinda the same boat. My family doctor gives me Tylonel #3 for my TMJ and pain that i have been on for 5yrs and pretty much dont do alot. My rheumatoligist just gave me Welbutrin because the Cymbalta didnt do a thing and he doesnt believe in pain meds. Its frustrating because people that are in real pain cant get anything but from my town the people that just want to get high seem to get a precription no problem. Something is wrong with this system!!


INPAINDAILYJC - September 11

Sounds like my town. There are tons of people on the streets selling vicodins. So, they are getting a prescription for something they aren't in need of! BUT lots of people that REALLY have ailments and need them to help improve the quality of life, get shut down and treated like a druggy. It makes me sick. But, I suppose it is something I will always have to deal with. I am just hoping to get thru to my doctor that my pain is very high right now. And I need a break thru med. I don't understand why he would want to up the morphine, but not give me one vic a day if needed. To me that doesn't make sense.

But I can go on and on about that. Just wanted to respond and say thanks for letting me know that I am not alone in the frustration.

Hopefully we will both be able to see someone that will pay attention and try to help us.

Take care


Stacey373 - September 12

Hi JC! it sounds like you are still having a lot of problems. I'm so sorry to hear that. I haven't seen you on here much, so I was hoping that you were feeling better. My heart really goes out to you and Fibrosuks and everyone else that can't get the pain meds that you need.

Although I am now getting meds, I do understand what you guys are going through. I spent the last 10+ years trying to get someone to believe me and give me the meds I needed....and I was always treated like a drug addict. Everyone else (friends, family, my husband, etc) was able to always get whatever they wanted for even the smallest aches and pains and I would go to the doctor in tears and they would only give me Motrin (which I couldn't take cuz of a blood disease I have!)

I spent alot of years getting pain pills from everyone else just so I could get through the day. I always felt like some drug addict whenever I asked for them and I know my family and friends thought that I was one. My Mom even tried to convince my husband to put me in rehab for it! Now anytime my Mom brings something like that up...I always make sure to remind her that I was in PAIN...not just trying to get drugs for no reason!

anyways....sorry to ramble on...I wish there was some way for me to help you guys. Take Care everyone, Stacey :o)


INPAINDAILYJC - September 13


Hey there! It is good to know you are/were wishing me the best. It has been very rough the past couple of weeks. My brother has MS and had an episode where he couldn't walk or use his left arm. It has been really hard on him, btw he is only 29 years old..
So, with all of that, I have been even more stressed. Which causes the FIBRO to go crazy!

I am so mad at my doctor right now too. He will up my morphine but won't give me any short acting narcotics. WELL[ I didn't want to do that, but I think I will have to! I am tired of hurting so bad! I get a fever in the evening every day too. Not sure why that is happening. But it is so not fun!

How are you doing? Hanging in there? Hope to hear from you soon!


Stacey373 - September 13

Hi JC! I'm sorry to hear about both you and your brother. That's got to be really hard to deal with when both of you have horrible diseases. You are always in my thoughts...

I have to say that I've been doing pretty darn good. I've had some bad days...but overall I really can't complain. I'm still re-doing my youngest daughter's room (been doing this ALL summer!) and there have been quite a few times I've overdone it. But thankfully, my flare-ups have not been too bad or lasted for more than a few days.
As long as I don't get a headache, I can pretty much deal with everything else. It's the headaches that do me in and I end up in bed for days. So far, this summer I've only had 1 or 2 bad ones...which is AWESOME for me because I normally get them about once a week!

I don't know why your doctor is so willing to give you morphine and nothing else. Isn't morphine a highly addictive drug? I tried morphine and it made me really sick and tired and didn't do anything for my pain.

BTW...I wanted to ask you... have you ever tried or talked to your doctor about taking Methadone? My doctor gave me some a while back and I didn't like them. I ended up sticking them in my medicine cabinet and forgot about them. I was having a bad day last month when I remembered I had them so I tried them again (what the hell, right?!?) They actually worked pretty darn good! I was really surprised!

They are only 10mg tablets and they don't make me high or anything like that. Although I do have a really high tolerance for pain I don't know what they would do to someone else. I've been adding 1 or 2 pills in every day along with my regular pain meds and I am feeling a whole lot better than I have in a long time.

Just thought I would suggest this to you. They usually give methadone to heroin addicts that are coming off drugs. But I guess in recent years the doctors have been prescribing these for chronic pain too. My mom told me that alot of her friends with arthritis and stuff take these too.

I really hope you can find some relief SOON. Take Care, Stacey :o)


RLFORTIN - September 17


WOW! 10 mg of Methadone. My dr only gives me 7.5mg a day (5 mg 1 1/2 a day). That does not work. I have to take at least 2 X 5mg just to get a little relive. So when I can, I skip it so I can save up enough for my bad days. He is a pain specialist so, I do not understand why he gives me so little.I have been on it for two years plus I have gained a lot of weight with other this 5 mg stuff if doing nothing for me. My breakthrough med is Darvocet. I have to take 2-4 pills just to get a small dent in the pain.
I have been to the ER on a number of occasions for pain but they assume that I am a druggie, too.
I think most people out there do not understand FM unless they are actullay living it. My family does not even know half of what I go through on a daily basis...with the exception of my twin sis who is also going throught it. At least I have her to talk to..Thank goodness!!


duhda75 - September 17

See Nelle...I told you, it seems like ur pain mgmt Dr was under-dosing you. I just don't understand how he can expect you to manage the pain with only 1 5mg methadone a day. That's just crazy....and it only tortures you more. I think you also need to check into a different antidepressant (Nortriptyline). I have only been using it a week now. But, WOW what a difference in sleep.

Good luck to all u fellow FM suffers:0)

P.S. love & miss ya sis...xoxo


Stacey373 - September 18

Oh My Gosh! I just assumed 10mg of Methadone was the smallest dose! That's insane that he has you taking so little of that! It's a fairly strong medication....but I don't think it's THAT strong to take so little. Last month when I ran out of my Norco and couldn't get in to see my doctor...I was only taking the Methadone and I was taking 3 of them a day. for the past couple of weeks I've been taking one Methadone along with my regular Norco. But you have to remember that the Norco is a pretty strong medication too.

As for the Darvocet...that's about the mildest of pain relievers. I know for me it would be like eating candy.

You REALLY need to talk to your doctor about upping your methadone or giving you something stronger than darvocet or something! Good Luck, Stacey :o)


Fibrosukz - September 19

Ive been taking Wellbutrin for about 2 1/2 weeks...and im thinking i need to go back to my dr. My dr mentioned that it would give u a lil boost of energy, but unfortunately it really doesnt and all i wanna do is cry all do, for no reason. I spoke with the dr about a pain clinic but apparently here they make u go off your meds and take class for 6weeks, which isnt covered and its out of town. Its sooo frustrating!!! Is there any decent Dr's out there anymore??? :o(


duhda75 - September 19

I was on Wellubtrin for quite awhile too. I was told it would boost my energy. But, it did nothing for me. I was taking 300mg a day. He took me off since it was doing nothing for me. Now, I am taking Nortipyline. 75mg a day. It has only been 1 1/2 wks but, I already am sleeping better. Also on a side note I also take Celexa. 60mg a day.

Take care


luckydog83 - September 29

Be glad you can even get the Morphine. My husband has had fibro for almost 20 years, after an accident at work. He's taken soooo many different kinds of meds, and recently has been taking oxycontin for pain, which was a God send. Long story short, our family phy. that was prescribing it has decided to become a wt. loss doc instead of FP. We are now trying to find another MD that will treat the chronic pain, but aren't having much luck. The MD we saw this week prescribed him Cymbalta (he was on Prozac) We're trying it, but he's had several adverse reactions to many of the anti depressants, so I'm worried. Plus, we all know Cymbalta isn't going to help the pain like the Oxy did. Anyway, sorry for the rant, just really frustrated here!


INPAINDAILYJC - September 29


I am sorry to hear that! It is horrible to find something that works for you. Then get it took away. Doctors would be more apt to give patients pain meds if they KNEW what we Fibro sufferers go through! I hope your husband can find a good doctor that will treat his pain properly. The more pain and the longer the cycle, the harder it is to make it stop or at least become bareable! Hang in there!~



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