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Best Drug for Fybromyalgia
62 Replies
Lee2010 - July 28

Hi Barbkm1,

I also take Norco. My dose is 8 pills per day, but to me it's like someone taking an Advil or Tylenol. I am also on Neurontin (Gabapentin) and take 3600mg per day. On really bad days, with lots of break-thru pain, I will self-medicate and add one more Norco. I always make sure that I don't take more than 4000mg of acetaminophen per 24 hours. I have been diagnosed by my pain doc as being non-receptive to opiates. Apparently the part of the brain that accepts opiates does not work in me. I've tried just about all of the pain meds out there and have yet to find one that offers me much pain relief. So I just hang in there with the Norco (which seems to help more than any other drug) and hope that one day I will stumble upon a new drug that will actually work on me.

Good luck and I hope that your doc will be more receptive to giving you a higher dosage of the Vicodin if that's what will work for you. Like so many on this forum have said before me - if the docs had to walk even one day in our shoes with the pain that we endure, I have no doubt that they would not hesitate to give us our prescriptions.

Hang in there!


hollowsnothorcruxes - August 7

I take 300 mg lyrica daily. It makes me stupid & manic most of the time. My husband is always saying I'm intense. It greatly increases the fibro-fog. But, it dramatically reduces my pain. Since I've increased to this dose I've had no headaches & my average daily pain is a 3-4. It used to be 6-8 when not in a flare up. So I'm impaired & can't drive, but I can sit in the car, walk without limping, bathe myself, etc. Having less pain is well work a good chunk of my IQ.
I also take 50 mg tramadol 2-3 times a day. The only adverse side effects I get are that it makes me nauseous if I don't eat with it & sometimes it makes me really hot & sweaty. I started it before lyrica, it's the only the only pain killer that worked for me long term.
I also take zanaflex at night. It's a muscle relaxer, and it makes me feel drunk. Sometimes I forget the entire night. It works very well on my spasms.
I just started ambien, but I don't think it's right for me.
I was given cymbalta when first diagnosed. I stopped after 3 days because I couldn't sleep.
I was also taking vicodin & then darvocet before I got diagnosed. They did help at first, but after a couple weeks I grew tolerant & they wouldn't up my dose. I asked my rheumatologist about it & she said that the opiates are usually not best for fibromyalgia b/c they don't target that kind of pain, they're more addictive than the other medicines, and it's easy to become tolerant. I also had a lot of nausea & vomiting from the vicodin. The vicodin also made me hyper & interacted with sleep. When I was taking it, it was like the pain was still there the same, I just didn't care about it anymore.
Something else I have tried is the lidoderm patch. It's a patch with lidocaine, so it numbs the painful area. I would have kept on using them had I not developed an allergy. :)
I also use a heating pad & ice all the time.
That's my whole history of FMS meds. I hope it helps. But my doctor told me with FMS you've really just got to try different combinations of meds to find the magic formula that works for you.



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