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Best Drug for Fybromyalgia
62 Replies
Janet Raab - August 22

I've tried Advil for years for my fybromyalgia symptoms. I have found that hydrocodone works the best and eliminates all of my symptoms, but my doc hesitates to prescribe it due to it addictive qualities. Any other suggestions on what might be helpful?


Tracy - February 16

I have read on this site about 2 different medications. Lyrica and also 024 fibromyalgia that can be purchased on the internet. I do not know if that is of any help to you.


Diane - February 17

I've been on every NSAID available & they do not work. Only hydrocodone works for me. You are very lucky to ger a Dr.that understands this. I ruined my stomach with Nsaids over 15 years.


sonya - February 27 Tracy said. Lyrica has been a life safer for me. If you can take can work through the loopiness that eventually fades with Lyrica


Dave - March 8

Tracy, O24 Fibromyalgia can be purchased at Rite Aid, Walgreens & CVS. If you can't find O24 Fibromyalgia, the O24 Pain Neutralizer will give you the same results


dr karl wenton - March 23

try pregabalin or amytriptilined


Sara - March 23

I too have found the hydrocodone to be the only Rx that has worked on my pain. It took years to get on a plan with a doctor that knows me and is willing to find what works for me. In my case been there done that on every option out there and still end up falling back to Hydrocodone. I'm very excited to try the pregablin!! I also found a 8-day cleanse and the site offers Collastin, Riso Triene, Deep sea minerals, and the seven essentials has both in it. It looks like a promising option. I've been wanting to try a full body detox to see what the results are. I found that at if you're into checking it out.


christian - August 22

one that has saved me time and time again is Zanor, i think in the US its called Zanax. I rarely need to take a pill or 2 but that has always saved me from a bad flare..downside the next has been severe tiredness..


Misti47 - July 28

Find a new doctor and make sure you write a bad review on your doctor at rate a doc dot com. then contact your state board and tell them your doc is being a pain in the butt about that. you deserve to be pain free! Hydrocodone 10/500 with soma works with me.

also stay away from Lyrica! its bad news


bugilu - July 29

If you are interested in a detox program, you may want to try Arbonne. They detox over a 7 day period and I have heard LOTS of great things about it. My husband has done it too!


bugilu - July 29

I know Hydrocodone and Soma are great for you, I also take them along with Lyrica and Celexa, but Hydrocodone is so habit forming that I want to stop. Does anyone else have this same problem? Soma is very habit forming as well, but only takes me 2 days to recover, Hydrocodone (Vicodin) is much different. I don't sleep well at night and the Celexa (anti-depressant) doesn't help. What is the best thing for sleeping?


cooped - July 30

Hydrocodone effects my sleep after about the third day. Not a problem with Percocet or Deladin. Have been using Lunesta for sleep, which is working well.


airvine - August 1

I'm going to a Pain Management Doc that said he didnt want to prescribe any "long acting" pain killer early on. I get 30 7.5/325 a month and getting cortisone shots for a bulgin disc in the my neck. I wants to give the Savella I'm on for FM a few more months! He tells me to be patient! I ahev been going through this for years!


wwhitfor - August 2

I am on a fentanyl patch, which is a patch you would wear for 3 days, and then you disgard it. You then put on a new one. This patch gives you doses of morphine into your body, and believe me it has changed my life. Dont take pills, just put the patch on, and i dont feel as much pain in my lower back, ribs etc.


Fantod - August 3

Lyrica, Cymbalata and Savella are all good choices for Fibromyalgia (FMS). You are really wasting money on Advil as only certain classes of prescribed medication work for the chronic pain associated with FMS.

Additionally, you are subjecting your body to a high ongoing level of stress by not treating this syndrome properly. Your doctor is smart not to jump on the hydrocodone wagon if you have not exhausted every other option.

Also, by not treating a chronic pain cycle properly, it will be much harder to bring it back under control. Any decent pain specialist will tell you that.

Find another doctor and explore all of the options. If everything else fails, than Hydrocodone may be your answer. Good luck and take care.


fibro4years - August 5

Hydrocodone 10/500 is the only thing that really
works for my pain. I have tried many different
meds and end up in the same place.


Draco - August 17

I take Neurontin, Amitriptyline and my GP also has me currently on Haloperidol for anxiety, I find the mix a little heavy and they can make me foggy, but they do help the pain, on a good day the neurontin almost numbs it completely, on a bad day it takes the edge right off it. I self medicate, don't know if anyone else does, my GP is happy for me to up or down the amount of tablets I take a day. I did find that if I cut all the dairy and bread out of my diet this also helps loads.



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