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are you taking Tramadol SR
5 Replies
vlg - July 27

Hi does anybody on here take Tramadol?
I am on 200 sustained release every 12 hours. it does ease some of the pain during the day altho I have times during the day when I feel very funny, lightheaded, floating!
I am finding it even harder to sleep at night with them.
I am wide awake all night and still feel stiff and some pain . I do seem able to move more freely when I do get up tho!!!!
I feel between the devil and the deep blue sea, not knowing if I should continue!!!
Do you have any of these affects please???
thanks for reading this


swm - August 1

hi vig, for the last 3 1/2 years i have taken tramadol. ive been on the slow release ones but they didnt do much for me. at present i am taking 50mg x 2 4 times a day plus 50mg of amiltriptoline. i do feel light headed and floating this usually happens in the afternoons for some reason. but they do take the pain off eventually. i do tend to be awake from 2.30am most mornings its very frustrating when you have children to get up tor school . take care


vlg - August 3

hi swm
Last week I was put on Amitryptaline too, not noticing any changes yet but I will give it time. The doc wants me to try Tramadol longer just to see if I can adjust to it.
so fingers ccrossed!!!!!
you take care too
vlg Val


tnichel - August 6

vlg. Give the ami some time. It was a good month before my symptoms began to subside. A lot of the fibro meds described to us have to build up in your system. That's why it's suggested you don't stop taking meds suddenly. The trick with ami is getting to the right dose and not taking too little or too much. I take two 25mlg of ami a night. That has helped with my pain. At first it was hard to build up to that dose b/c I'm have a very low tolerance to meds that make you sleepy. I cut down to 1 pill a night when I am in a flare b/c that's when I am the sleepiest. I just take more of my otc pain meds to help with the pains. I hope this helps. Good luck!

I also have tramadol but rarely take it do to the drowsy effect. It does work but I don't know how effectively since I rarely take them. Good thing with this med is that you can take it with tylenol.


sandances - August 19

I also take Tramadol but I cannot take it at night as it keeps me from sleeping. It does make me feel a little light headed but the reduction in pain outweighs that. I take Tramadol in the morning and Lyrica at night.


sandances - August 19

Oh, I wanted to also mention that I find I cannnot take Tramadol after 12 PM or it will keep me up at night. Vicodin does the same thing to me. I've had terrible sleep problems for years but the Lyrica has helped a great deal.



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