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Anyone taking Lamectal? sp?
7 Replies
Debbie - August 18

My doc suggested I take it along with Klonapin. Has anyone had any experience with Lamectal? Any side effects or pros or cons. Thanks so much.


JJay - April 4

My wife takes Lamictal for bipolar (very stable since being on it for ~5 years). In the last year, fibro symptoms have been presenting (due to see a neurologist to ensure that it isn't MS). We wonder if the Lamictal could have been hiding some of the symptoms. She's on Elevil to help with sleep, but the combination are far from perfect.


michelle - April 25

i was taking lamictal for my bi-polar and i didnt like it at all. it made me have these outburst of anger and rage.. it was horrible. my uncle was also on lamictal and he had the same problem.


roro - May 1

I have been taking Lamictal for a short while for bipolar and I haven't had any side effects. It seems to be levelling me out a bit.


Gerard Leary - May 4

Hi: I've been taking 110mg.daily of Lamectal for Bipolar2 .No noticeable side effects.Gradually over about 6 weeks you will notice the subtle effect of chemical balance.


me - August 4

i've been on it about a yr (also on numerous other meds for bipolar 2...) it really relly helped me out alot stablized moods quite a bit.


TERESA - August 5

I'm taking an antidepressant for sleep, but meds for BI-POLAR DIESEAS? I think I would wonder if my doctor thought it was all in my haed rather than physical!


Rachel - August 18

I'm currently taking Lamictal, but not for bipolar disease. I have been unable to tolerate Lyrica and other anti-convulsant meds for migraines/pain weren't working. You name it, I've taken it. Even opiods. Lamictal has been easier on my system, very little to no side effects and my pain levels have decreased. I drink Lamictal with sibutramine. Talk to your drs about drinking these combos to control pain levels. Sibutramine is formulated by a private pharmecy outside my state b/c insurance companies are reluctant to approve it. This drug is generally used for weight loss in high doses, though its other properties help control pain. These two medicines, if effective long term, will be what I drink for...forever?

My dr is an american board certified internal medicine pain mangement specialist. His first hand knowledge of family with fms has been invaluable. I also take a combo of ambien with a schizophrenia med to enable sleep. My dr prescribes meds that have other properties that can help the central nervous system. Not everything you take is for a specific disease. Especially fms that some drs believe to be a problem in the mind vs the body.



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