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Anyone in Utah?
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hdrider1975 - October 5

My RA (I live in PA, sorry not Utah) gave me a statistic when I was in the first time to see him that totally put me back. He said that 4 out of every 10 pain management doctors will not give narcotic pain medications to their patients. And they are pain management doctors! We discussed it for a bit and he said the laws have gotten so strict that most doctors are afraid of losing their medical licenses.

That being said, my doctor does give me medication, but it took me a while to find a doctor that "got it". My biggest concern is that he is in his mid 60's and is in an office all alone. If he decides to retire what am I going to do?

I just wanted to let you know that there are good doctors out there. please keep looking. I truly hope you find someone to help you.

But one thing - please be careful when asking for the narcotics. You must get them from the same doctor, you must get them filled at the same pharmacy. And you don't want to skip around different kinds of narcotic medications (i.e. going from percocet to vicodin, back to percocet, back to vicodin). All those things throw up a red flag and the doctors will be leery of helping you.

Good luck. Gentle huggs, blessed be.


Sariah - January 24

Can anyone recommend a doctor around Salt Lake area? I need someone who understands how disabling fibromyalgia can be. I'm applying for disability and am running out of time to meet their deadlines!

Wolfgirl, I emailed you a week you still have those names?

Thanks all! *Soft hugs*


JayMinjares - March 22

Hi Sariah, I've recently found this forum and been diagnosed with FMS. It's been a really long road here for me in this state. (Utah) I finally found a primary doctor that believed I was in true pain and agony. He found that I had Hashimoto's disease (thyroid disease) and referred me to an Endocrinologist. That dr. found that I have Celiac disease. While managing these other diseases, none of my fatigue, mood swings and constant pain were not going away. So, he sent me to a rhuemetologist. This Rhuemtetologist, in my opinion does not believe in FMS, or treating it. My first appointment w/him he set up a game plan for treatment of whatever was causing this pain. Then he did some blood work and told me try the Lyrica and come back in 2 weeks for my results. My 2nd appointment, all my blood work for Rhumatic diseases came back normal. He's said "You have Fibromyalgia and Bursitis. There's nothing I can do to help you." He told me to go next door to the Pain Clinic. I was distraught and angry - but almost satisfied because I had a diagnosis after 4 years! Long story short, I took the dr's notes and referral next door right after my appointment and set up a consultation w/the pain dr. I've been to the pain dr. now 4 times (like every stinking week). This dr. seems good so far. Because I'm a new patient, I have to see their clinical psychologist every 2 weeks and the pain dr. every 4 weeks. If you are prescribed pain medication. They will do a drug test on your first visit. They will make you sign a narcotic agreement and every time you go into them, you will have to take your pain medication for pill counts. This is all to ensure you're not abusing your prescription and taking only as prescribed. I've had injections done in my knees w/them last week and have lower back injections scheduled for next week. They're very nice at this clinic and care. I highly recommend this clinic. The place is called 'Alta Pain Physicians', it's located in Draper (11400S. 1000E) and I see Dr. Chen. Everything I explained seems very strict, but you can't blame them for protecting themselves and you're well-being. They also provide alternative medicine (they don't just give out pills), injections, therapy, etc.
I hope you find this helpful! Let me know if you decide to try that place or even my primary dr. or that Rhumetologist.

Hope to hear back!



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