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13 Replies
Ra - March 26

Is anyone using Welbutrin XL or Elvail? I am not depressed but very very sore. My doctor has suggest and anti-depressant for the sleep and pain. Looking for feedback.


Kim - November 8

My doctor just prescribed a low dose of Elavil for my pain and I also have no depression. I just started taking it and the doctor told me it would take up to 2 weeks or so to see if it will work for me.


Marlene - November 8

Well I take WElbutrin XL...I have been on all sorts I think the only thing it did for me is that I can't get off it (which I have tried) I don't think it's has helped the pain or the sleep. I personal think I am just keeping the drug company going and I am a little upset with the fact that I can no longer get of this stuff. I do suffer some depression. OH WELL!!


Marlene - November 8

Forgot to mention that I have been on anti-depressants for about 10 years now.


Theresa - November 9

My Doctor prescribed a low dose of Elavil to help me fall asleep, but it left me in a "fog" the next morning so I stopped taking the drug. I also have no depression.


Jean - November 10

Try Remeron. Has less side affects than the newer brands and is cheaper on the wallet. It takes awhile for it to work however so if you decide to try this one expect to take it up to a year. Anything having to do with replenishing the chemicals in the brain you need to go slow. Personnally I trust doctors who deal with these types of medications everyday. A psychiatrist is a number one in this type of medication. Don't let that frighten you they are just like your obgyn, internists neurologists they just specialize in the mind and the chemicals in the mind they know it best. I'm not depressed just have anxiety which happens with this condition of Fibromyalgia and sometimes dealing with alot of pain can make a person somewhat depressed at times. Just get a good doctor.


Flower - November 11

im 16... and my doctor got me to try a anti-depressent.. well it has the oppisite affect when your not depressed. after freaking out for three days i had to stop taking it. it helped the pain but i couldnt deal with the emotional destress.


Adriane - November 18

I am on Wellbutrin, but from what I have read we should work on seritonin and norepinephrine and Wellbutrin works on dopamine and norepinephrine..I dunno but I feel crappy!!!


Renee - December 8

If you don't want to take antidepressants try Flexiril (muscle relaxant)at bedtime. I am taking it and it seems to help with pain and sleep.


[email protected] - December 9

i;m not really depressed either, but feeling so bad most of the time can make you answer "yes" to those little depression quizzes in the md's office, i;m taking zoloft; can't really tell if it's helping yet, but i;m willing to try just about anything to get my life back. i took welbutrin xl for a few weeks, and don't know if it was side effects or a flare that made me feel really bad.


Jean - December 11

You'll just have to try different ones until you find the right one Don't freak out but a psychiatrist has more experience with these types of medications and can probably find the one that would best suit you and able to monitor you more closely. By the way their office visits are much cheaper than egular GP or other specialists.


ruby - March 25

elvail works for pain and sleeping


Kim - March 26

I was on Elavil but was having side effects so now he is trying Celexa. Has anyone else taken this med? I am hoping I can tolerate this one better.


dana - March 26

i have been taking elavil at night for about 3 months, and i don't have much pain at all now. i also take zoloft and lyrica. i am not depressed either, but something has made me a lot better, and i'm going to stick with it. do NOT want to go back to how i was 6 months ago.



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