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TERESA - October 12

Anyone taking amittriptylin? If so how long does it take to kick in? I've been on it almost a week now & so far IT'S NOT WORKING!!!!


Cairo - October 13

Amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant which can take 3-4 weeks to work. Side effects may include fatigue and dry mouth, but generally subside after a week to 10 days. It should help with deep sleep, though dose is important. If your doctor started you on a very low dose because patients who have fibromyalgia are very sensitive to medications, then it may take awhile to adjust the dose upwards to a level that would benefit you.

Some may find amitriptyline helpful, but there are others that find the side effects troublesome. Only time will tell. My advice is to stick it out for awhile if you can tolerate it.

If your doctor started you on a dosage that was too high for YOU, then you should talk to him and explain why the side effects are troublesome and talk about dosing downward. It's hard to generalize when your situation is so specific.

Amitriptyline is an old drug, but the newer ones are not necessarily better in some people. In fact, I cannot tolerate the newer ones myself.

Good luck.



TERESA - October 14

I GIVE UP!! I quit taking the amitripylin last night!! It was having the oppsite effect on me (which is one of the many side effects)! I felt like I had taken a hand full of diet pills! Last night I finale got so sleep, thank God! My countless phone call to my DR remained unanswered, so I just decided to take myself off them cold turkey! Nothing happened except I got to sleep last night. Sometimes I really think doctor are worthless!!


Virg - October 16

Just logged unto Drug forum. Teresa I
was put on amittriptylin in my early stages of being diagnosed. Doses were increased but it didn't do anything for me except make me so tired I felt like a walking zombie. As Cairo says fibros are sensitive to drugs and that could have been the case as I was just new to being perscribed but I went through so many after that now I'm taking trazadone and I hope its for the same thing I was perscribed amittrip for. Being able to sleep better.


TERESA - October 16

I'm so tired of dealing with doctors ( or not dealing with doctors as in my case)!! I have been experencing muscle twitches, tremors & nausea today. It sounds like withdrawals but I was only taking 30mg at night for sleep x one week. I wouldn't think I was on it long enough! To bad I couldn't talk with the doctor!!!!


Virg - October 16

Teresa that is so unfair and not right that there is no access for doctors support. I went on line and punched in "ask doctors on line" "free" but couldn't believe they didn't know the definition of free. The side effects could be withdrawl symptoms but if they don't go away in a couple of days call the RN or someone . Sorry I couldn't get much data in my search. There was a q&a forum asking doctor questions I saw one time but alas can't remember what question I asked google. If you could just get a toe in a dr door somewhere somehow that would be a start. LOL please take care. Virg


Virg - October 18

Teresa, How are the symptoms? Have they subsided?


TERESA - October 24

Virg, I am now taking trazadone & cymbalta. They seem to be working just fine!! I am now getting sleep at night, FINELY! The problem now (& there seems to be always a problem) is that the cymbalta is 220.00 for a thirty day supply!!! I am taking samples for now & trying to get on a drug proggram! If I can't get on a program, I will NOT be able to afford the cymbalta!! Then I'm back to where I started!


Virg - October 24

Teresa....I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and will be hoping etc that you can get on the drug programme. What does that entail? I'm glad you got something that helps so all good vibes for getting on the programe.


TERESA - October 24

Virg I'm not really sure how the drug program works. I'm doing this through the clinic that I go to. I do know that not all meds are available & if you are taking other meds on the program ( which I am ), you may not qualify.


TERESA - October 24

Well some good news FINELY!!! I've just heard back from the clinic that I have been APPROVED!!! YEA!!!


Virg - October 24

I'm so damn happy for you I 'm not kidding. Well done Teresa!!!!!


TERESA - October 25

Thanks Virg!!! You made me smile!! No kidding & it's really nice to smile!!


kaye - November 15

cymbalta really works for me gives me energy and relieves the pain most of the time although i have trouble sleeping while taking it and im even taking a sleep med ambien with it and still have trouble sleeping


TERESA - November 15

Kaye, this is an old post & my doctor has put me on Cymbalta & Trazadone. The combination seems to be working for now!


Fran - January 23

I am new to this forum. I also take a low dose of amitriptyline with magneseum every night. It seems to work well for me . If I happen to not take it for a few days the ache and pain will return. I have learnt the hard way.


Haunted halo - April 2

I was put on amitiptyline & i hated it i was on the low dose and had problems staying awake the next day work was a challenge and even the bus journey home was a nightmare so i gave up taking them. My sleeping pattern is forever changing but i could not cope on them.



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