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5-HTP and St John's Wort with Magnesium
3 Replies
AKFlyfisher - May 8

My sister sent me a few pages from a book on Fibroymyalgia and they talked about some studies on serotonin in Italy. This doctor found that if he treated his patients with 5-HTP 100mg 3 times a day and patients take St Johns Wort hypersium that patients slept better and felt better. Also take 250mg of magnesium 3 times a day. I bought some today and am going to try it. It said the supplement takes about 4 weeks to take effect as the brain adjusts to the receptors in the brain. Has anyone heard or tried this yet?? I hope this helps, wish me luck!!


Lisa - May 8

I had tried the magnesium therapy, and some natural stuff for my fibro. Unfortunately none helped, and I spent a lot of $$$ doing it. It seems we try ANYTHING to help us to get out of pain. I hope it works for you.


R.S.Hagen - October 10

I have used the 5-HTP for sleep at night, and St. John's wort for PMS symptoms, I found that they are helpful. Never heard of the magnesium therepy, but use Milk of Magnesia for my IBS, it is very gentle, but have to take it at specific times because it binds with my other meds and flushes it out. Lisa is right about the cost of natural stuff though, and some of it doesn't work for everybody.


Kimber2270 - October 12

I have been lucky and have found some homeopathic meds that work. The only regualr meds I am on now are Amour Thyroid and Seasonale. I have an anti-anxiety med, 2 amino acids, and a pain med that are all homeopathic. They don't interact with other meds you take and I've had no side effects like when I was on the anti-depressant and pains meds from my regular doctor. I'm also on a sugar-free/yeast-free diet and try to by organic foods when possible. It may be more expensive but I'd rather be pain free and feel better than to take the less expensive drugs and not be able to function and feel bad.



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