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Whole Foods Gluten Free Foods
2 Replies
pam80 - November 25

Hello. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and am trying to change my diet. I have read that a lot of people with FM are sensitive to gluten. So, yesterday I went shopping at Whole Foods and bought a bunch of foods that are gluten free. I noticed a couple of things: 1. they don't taste very good but will eat gluten free if it helps and 2. there is a lot of sodium in whole foods gluten free foods. I also read that having a diet high in sodium is not good for FM sufferers. It's just so much easier to avoid gluten when the food is already processed that way.

What should I do? I'd like to continue this diet by eating the Whole Foods meals but should I worry about the sodium?

Thanks, Pam


January - January 7

Hi Pam, I went strictly gluten free five years ago. I highly recommend it. If you have low blood pressure, you might be OK with a little extra sodium, ask your doctor. Check your blood levels. But I'm sure you can go gluten free without extra sodium!

My gluten free diet took a year to kick in, but it decreased the muscle pain, improved my immunity, eliminated the depression and improved my skin! My weight normalized, and my bad blood tests (cholesterol, sugar, inflammation, etc.) all normalized. My friends are so impressed, they are going gluten free even without fibro. Doctors kept throwing prescription drugs (with nasty side effects) at me, but the gluten free diet helped more than drugs. I think gluten is what's making everyone fat and sick. Not sugar, not fat, gluten. It's really cheap filler "food."

I am not much of a cook; I eat fresh meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruit, rice, yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, jello, applesauce. Simple stuff. Almost no baked goods (my health food store has cupcakes that work for me). A&W root beer. I really like these brands for frozen foods: Kettle Cuisine; Amy's; Caesar's. Experiment with your microwave setting to get it right. The protein shakes from Naked are delicious. Odwalla has a couple of protein shakes, but read labels, some of them have gluten.

Gluten-free is tricky, it's hidden in lots of places - like soy sauce made from wheat (use Tamari instead), beer, MSG, etc. It's used as filler in OTC and Rx drugs. It's in cosmetics and toothpaste (if you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin!) If a label says "food starch" you need to find out the source. Because I have severe allergies, I call the food companies and ask questions. Nicely. "Gluten free" is not yet strictly defined, some "gluten free" foods may include oats or even wheat. (I had a problem with "gluten free" rice cakes.) I also use my calls to educate the companies that there is a large community of "us" out here, and "if you won't make better gluten free food, we won't buy your brand." When I go to restaurants, I request gluten-free, and some places now offer a g-free menu - Longhorn Steakhouse is one.

Give your supermarket feedback as to what brands you want them to carry and what brands are awful. If you pay a premium for gluten-free food that is terrible, take it back! And call the company!

I still have fibro, but gluten free is the best thing I ever did for myself. You can find more about gluten on the web if you search celiac disease. Good luck to you, and speak up! The more of us that call the food companies, the better!


clgbutterfly - January 10

I have actually found soy to be the biggest issue with my daughter and I. I was starting to act pre-menopausual, but after taking out the soy (which is practically in everything processed these days) we are feeling great and we notice the effect soy now has on us, but gastro intestinal problems to my acne flare up. I actually suspect it may have to do with the fact that soy can have estrogen type hormone in it and its messing with your hormone levels which makes alot of sense if you think about it.
Now the drawback has been having to only pick soy (including every wheat bread I can find on the market) free food or cook from scratch. Luckily we both enjoy cooking!



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