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Whey Protein Powder Helps!
4 Replies
[email protected] - August 20

Has anyone ever tried Whey Protein Powder? It has halped me regain energy and I feel so much better, I even seem to be able to concentrate better. The best benefit was the energy, I also find that if I drink it regularly, I can do more activities than I could before without as much pain afterwards, for example, simple yard work or walking..It works for me, I get the flavored and mix 6 to 8 oz w/skim milk or cold water daily, you can also get unflavored and mix in smoothies,,if you are like me and have been on every drug and anti-depress there is,,try this, it may help you too,i do not take any perscription drugs any longer for pain...I just wanted to share this....Good Luck....


SHane - January 28

Hi there thanks for the suggestion I have whey protein powder and I'll be sure to give it to my mother. She is really suffering taking the pills etc. I use it for my weight training and I'll make sure to give one to my mom. Thank you for the information.


Susan - February 9

Hi Everyone,
I've been using Whey Protein for over 3 years now. My doctor said I had the worse case of Fibromyalgia he had ever seen. When I first saw him I was in a wheel chair. I couldn't walk. Yup, one day I was fine and the very next day I couldn't walk. It took about 1 week before it attacked my entire body.

After living 7 years in pain I had a friend tell me to try Protein Whey. He was a muscle builder. He said Fibromyalgia sounds like a painful muscle condition and Protein Whey helps build strong muscles. After listening to him for a week bugging me to try it I finally broke down and did.

At first the pain got worse, much worse, he said that's because the whey protein is feeding my muscles which my muscles were not use to. He said give it another week. I said I can only handle another week of this kind of pain.

Well after the second week I was feeling no more pain. I didn't even know it rained and for 7 years I have been feeling the rain 3 days ahead. It was raining and I was having no pain.

I do not sell the product. I just need it to survive day to day. Thank God I found something that works for me. I pray everone finds something that works.



Charlie - July 30

How long does it take to see results with the whey-protein? Do you have to be on it for any length of time to feel better?


Jem - August 20

Are there any side effects, nervous with it being for body building!



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