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What foods to avoid
12 Replies
Judy T. - August 14

I have heard that I should not eat certain carbs, potatoes, tomatoes, citrus fruit and refinded sugars. Water aerobics have been helping some... Any suggestions?


Joni - August 14

take a look at this website.


FibroFree - October 19

I cured myself of fibro after 10 years of debilitating pain. Dietary change was huge! Organic, vegetarian. No processed foods, no coffee, no alcohol. No refined sugars. No pop! It was hard at first, but well worth it. Don't expect an immediate fix. It will take time, but diet is a large part of the process. The nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers etc.) can cause increased joint pain in some people, so leaving those out of your diet may be a good idea for awhile.
check out


Ja - December 12

Re nightshade foods
In addition to the usual suspects beware Cheese - some cheeses contain cheese analogue which may have potaoes in it
Beware also some supermarket own brands of ibruprofen - look at the listed ingredients before you buy - I found potato flour listed as an ingredient on one such pack of tablets
Gravy granules also contain potato flour
I have avoided the nightshade foods for over a year - it takes time for the symptoms to clear but it is worth persevering.
re Aspartame - check prescription medication such as calcium tablets - there may be alternative brands that your doctor can prescribe


tnichel - December 13

what are nightshade foods? This is the first I've heard of this. I do believe food plays a big factor in how i feel. I just haven't been able to weed out the main culprits (seemingly healthy foods that aren't).


Ja - December 19

Nightshade foods are tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines, bell peppers, chillis, phyllasis (Cape gooseberries) and tobacco is also in this group. There is lots of info on the Internet - some better than others - as always - but it seems these foods contain a substance which in some people does indeed cause problems to the nerve endings in the tendons. My rheumatologist did not laugh at the idea but was supportive of the fact that avoidance can bring improvement for some people. As I said before - sauces can contain potatoes/ potato flour, even gravy powder. Ditto some cheeses. Black pepper is not a nightshade food but the green, yellow and red bell peppers are - plus I avoid all of the chilli-type peppers and spices as these are usually included in curries, bottled sauces, chutneys etc even these products appear free of toms and pots and peppers. I use cornflour for thickening savoury sauces. I also make my own humous etc. JA


Rocky - December 25

Hi- I'm new to this, so forgive my ignorance. Would Potatoes include sweet potatoes and yams as well as whites? Thanks.


Ja - January 1

Sweet potatoes are not in the nightshade group. Sweet potatoes are in the morning glory family of plants - they are different family to yams which I know nothing about. I eat sweet potatoes once or twice a week. They can be baked, roasted and mashed etc.
As an alternative to potatoes I also use celariac. Celariac can be a nuisance to peel and has its own particular flavour but it is good for chips and mash. Parsnips can also be made into chips. In addition, cans of butter beans can be mashed and used as an alternative to potatoes. Best wishes


cas56 - January 18

Judy, Processed meats(bacon,sausages,ham,etc) that have nitrates in them tend to aggravate my fibro symptons. Also MSG. Beef ,especially steak and roasts the same. Avoid transfats and anything containing aspartame(artificial sweetner). Hope this helps!


Patsfan - February 28

You can buy nitrate free bacon and luncheon meats ( ham I have seen ).
They taste just as good. I find this type of diet mentioned is so hard to do though. I cannot really eat much when I go out to dinner. I admire anyone who can stay on the diet. (organic, vegetarian etc )


amandaknits - March 6

Well, I'm getting mixed messages. I've been seeing an acupuncturist for my treatment and have wonderful results. In chinese medicine the spleen, heart, and liver are involved. I'm working on finding out more information myself. This website does give you a general idea of what you should eat though (40%carbs, 30%protein, 30%fat).


Wonka - March 29

Half of my pain and fatigue went away when I went off gluten. It turns out I also have Celiac Disease. Many people with fibromyalgia have food sensitivities. Do an elimination diet for the biggies, wheat, dairy and eggs are a good place to start.


VVickers - April 21

Please go and look at the Fibro Fix website. ( They have some really great suggestions. I've just recently started with the daily overly acidic fibro suggestions... i.e. tums, robintussin, decongestant and have also started coming off of the potential "bad" foods. I've not really noticed a difference yet, but as I said..just started. I would love to hear from any others trying this.



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