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Weight Gain
9 Replies
jdtrust - March 20

I'm the heaviest I've ever been, even heavier then when I was pregnant. they say to exercise but if one struggles to make it thru the day energy wise what does one do? i'm losing my muscle and am getting embarrassed because it's turning into a sloppy fat.

I see that some of you had success with yeast free diets. has anyone's rheumo ever recommended this?


belle1329 - April 28

HI Jdtrust, did u ever have any luck with this, I
have gained 20lbs in 2 yrs and not on meds since diagnosed with fibro, I try to exercise , im alwyas hungry but try not to eat too much, but dont sleep well at all and they say sleep is the best thing for diet, just wondering if you ever found help with this. I weight more now at 52 then I ever did and even when I was prego :(


tnichel - May 12

Sleep is the worst thing for dieting. You slow down your metabolism too much. You sleep a long time, get up, but you're tired from too much sleep which keeps you from eating in regular intervals. That tells your body to start storing what you eat instead of using it for energy.

You're not going to lose the weight unless 1) you get off the meds or 2) you exercise...bottomline. I've at the heaviest I've ever been since my diagnosis. The meds slow down your metabolism. You just have to get smarter about what you eat, not to lose the weight but to feel better. Cut the sugar, greese, acidic and oily, fattening foods. Snack on carrots instead of chips.

Work out when you can, even if it's only 5 minutes. You can take a walk around your neighborhood a couple of times a week. Work up to 30 minutes to 1hr at least 3 times a week. It will take time but you will discover when and when not to work out. Sometimes I feel horrible but a 10-minute walk on my tread mills makes me feel better.

I haven't went completely yeast free but I do feel so much better without it or in minimal amounts. White bread is killer so stay away from that. I had some at a restaurant the other day and it sent my pain symptoms thru the roof and had me looking like I was 6 months pregnant. Some meds make you crave sugar so I try not to pick up that stuff at the grocery. i.e. chocolate chip cookies. Good luck!


Noca - June 13

I peaked at 158 lbs at 5'10"!! yay! I have an eating disorder so this is good news for me. Highest I've been in over 2 years.


Elainesgirl - August 10

Hey there,
I too am now being treated for an eating disorder because I cannot eat, nor do I want to. It is something new in my history with fibro and cfs as well as other diagnosis. I got my dr. to write a script for Marinol and am very curious to how this will work for me. It is pure THC from the pot plant. Supposedly it will increase my desire to eat. My teeth bother me, hurt actually, I can't swallow because of something that yet has been determined, and I am disgusted by the site of real food. Fruit and juice is my intake. I have lost 12 pounds in 3 months and at 116 now I have no more weight to lose. Right now I am waiting for BCBS to do an emergency exception so it will be paid for. It is a very expensive med. 3-400.00 month. I am really excited about this med for illnesses not on record for treatment because I feel that even though it is pot, it should be legalized for medical purposes. Anxiously awaiting the outcome and will keep you posted. E's girl


Jo the curly gurl - January 28

This topic of weight gain is such a soar subject and angers me greatly. I too had an eating disorder since the age of 12 until i was 30 yrs old.When i was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia I saw a Dr. Who taught at the medical school on fibromyalgia and studied the illness for 33 years. The second thing he warned me to be careful with was weight gain due to the fact that fibro shuts down your metabolism (is what the dr stated) well low and behold he was right I gained 85 lbs over 7 years and the first yead i gained 25 lbs. It didnt mayter if i starved like i used to.The only thing that works for me is high protien diet. So I recommend new fibro patients to diet right away or you will end up like me.I feel that it happened so fast because Im confined to the bed due to flu symptoms and severe pain even though i have a fentanyl patch. The rapid weight gain also caused me to get plantar fascitis and achilles tendonitis because my feet didnt have suffient time to gradually adjust to the rapid weight gain. Please take this very seriously because now im really suffering in places that could of been avoided had i dieted with high protien diet instead of trying it the old way which was starving my self.


Vincygirl307 - January 20

Hi I'm new to this site and it's been very interesting reading your comments about weight gain .
I used to be a size 12 (UK) before I had this disorder and then a couple of years after being diagnosed I lost a lot of weight , too much for my height and build - I don't know what the cause was , could've been stress related .
Then I gradually started putting on the weight again and am now heavier than when I was pregnant with my children!!
I hate it !! Hate the way I look and feel - I eat healthily , do yoga and walk and still I can't lose any weight. I recently had a blood test done to check out the usual things blood sugars, cholesterol , thyroid etc - all normal!!
I feel like my body's not mine anymore and the real me is still trapped inside.
I guess I just have to keep hoping that more research into our condition will give us more answers to why we have to suffer like this and a cure will be found.
Anyway , that's my pity party over lol -- take care and soft hugs to you all ????


ChristaStone - May 19

Veggies and fruits that are rich in nutrients helps in weight gain.


MarthaHarrison - July 25

I think detoxification is one of the best and healthy way to lose weight. There are plenty of ways to detoxify the body and detox teas are just one of them. Regular consumption of these detoxification teas produce a number of positive effects on the body such as healthier organs, better skin and hair and many more. Choosing detox teas isn't really difficult as there are plenty of flavors and varieties available. You can check over here at :


Mooper - December 6

Hi all! Thank you for your stories. I unfortunately can't eat fruit because I'm diabetic and even a small amount of fruit puts me in the 200's. I do eat a high protein diet but what else can I eat?.



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