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Successful change in diet by eliminating soy and soybean oil
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clgbutterfly - January 10

Do any of you remember the transfat craze 3 or 4 years ago. All junk food went "healthy", do you know what they did? They replaced partially hydrogenated oils with natural oils such as soybean oil and sunflower oil. Up to that point my fibro was tolerable. I was maintaining it well then out of no where my body started revolting on me again. (I was officially diagnosed with Fibro at 18, which was 15 years ago) I had a tendon snap and my body was acting like it was going through a severe allergy attack 24/7, but I hadn't changed my diet, everything I was eating was the same as before, then one day I had an ephiany I noted that I had started eating more peanut butter than normal so I took it out and my health improved both immediately and better over time, but it wasn't just the peanut butter. It was the second ephiany that was more of a revelation, SOY. All the process food, including breads, snacks and any junk food I was eating claimed no transfat and was using soybean oil as an ingredient. Now technically it is believed that if the soybean oil and soy letchin is processed properly it should not have the soy protein in it, hahahaha. Yeah, because we all know that big food companies use the highest quality ingredients. So I became more rigorous in eliminating anything that had soy of any kind in it and even tried all-natural peanut butter and found that it worked. My intestinal problems improved dramatically, plus I learned that the strange acne I kept getting was actually triggered by soy, plus my pain was nearly gone, more so than ever before, plus my skin which I fought with everyday was now changing for the better.
What this means... I suspect that because Fibro really is a woman's disiease and usually gets diagnosed in women either in puberty or after menopause the fact that soy is known to carry an estrogen type hormone this could be causing serious issues. My daughter who is only 12 was officially diagnosed just last year since she has started going through pre-puberty phase she also began struggling with her stomach and over all pain. We pulled her off as much soy as possible (school food is terribly processed) and her body changed dramatically for the better. She was so worried she was overweight, but like me she was dealing with swelling and intestinal issues due to soy.
The drawback, food become very limiting and you are constantly dealing with an unknown factor anytime you eat out. We have created a list of safe foods and restaurant that gets bigger everyday, and an even larger list of foods and places we can't eat.
The plus side, we are both trimming down and eliminating everyday pain along with building stronger bodies. I can't say enough how this has improved our lives.

Now I will say that I also believe that diet is also connected to our genetic heritage. I am mostly german and Norwedigian so eating diary is not an issue for me, and soy was never part of my ancesteral diet. Those who are native american have issues with dairy for this same reason it wasn't part of their diet. So I highly recommend you take your genetic heritage into account when looking at your diet and what works for you. If there are things in your diet that your ancestors never really ate, you might see if taking them out will improve your health. I am a strong believer that diet is an seriously important part in maintaining and eliminating fibro pain, because if our body can't process what we are eating, it certainly will not be getting enough of what it needs to function correctly.



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