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so, i've changed my diet, and...
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chefb - June 6

greetings: this past week has been pure hell for me. i've been almost crippled with stiffness and pain. and let's not even talk about the fatigue. i knew that something had to change and even though i love me some sugar and carbs, on thursday, except for sugar in my coffe (no apologies, i'm not giving up my 2 cups of caffeine w/sugar) i eleminated all other sugar, plus all wheat products and potatoes. i ate more fruit, vegetables and protein. on friday, i felt better already. by saturday, i could get out of bed with some stiffness, but little pain. saturday afternoon i became fatigued, but still very little stiffness and enough pain that i could deal with it.

so here's my question: has anyone else changed their diet and had such immediate effects. it's almost miraculous. today i'm going to experiment with creating a recipe for wheat-free bread. if it works and is tasty, i promise to share. but let me know of any results you may have had from a diet change and how quickly you saw them. i'd appreciate it.


appleannie - June 9

I love bread so much, but now my doctor has said no grains of any kind. I tried brown rice bread, but didn't like it at all. If you find a good gluten free recipe that's not too dry, please do share!


Fantod - June 12

Have you ever been tested for a gluten sensitivity? It is possible to be sensitive to gluten but not have celiac disease. The most accurate test is done using a stool sample.

The King Arthur Flour catalog now offers a full line of gluten free mixes. I have not tried them but I have tried other baking mixes from them and they are very good. Take care.


Brianne - September 7

I stopped drinking coffee, and found it made my symptoms worse when i did. If you can't give up coffee, try green or white tea, it still has caffeine, but not as much as coffee. Or you could try Caf-lib, or other herbal alternatives to coffee. Even decaf might help who knows! Just an an idea, thanks for posting about food, I'm very interested in this, keep posting if you discover more and I will do the same! Thanks!



MMAlvis69 - September 15

I have found that clean eating has made my fibromyalgia symptoms a lot better.


powerfulwmn - November 8

Hello all! Chefb- I was so excited to see your diet change helped you! I discovered the diet connection a few years ago on my own, and try to tell everyone I know to try it out. I have almost 100% symptom control when I don't cheat. Personally, I simply avoid wheat and potatoes.It has been a long learning experience for me. Sometimes I feel like I must be imagining this cause/effect, and start eating whatever I want. I always end up in crippling pain, bone tired and depressed. I find that many factors affect how much I can consume before symptoms begin, and how bad the flare up will be. Sometimes the pain will hit me while I am in the middle of eating (this happens with french fries), and sometimes I get away with little indiscretions. Some of the factors that seem to impact this most are whether or not the food is fried, how much of it i eat, what the rest of my diet and health are like (lots of junk food or alcohol lowers my "reserves"),and believe it or not, I have found that I can handle potatoes better if I remove the skins. There is a sustance in potatoes (mostly right beneath the skin) called solanine; I found the Wikipedia entry for solanine informative. I am researching this diet/inflammation/pain connection for a class I'm taking; if you want more resources or info., let me know.


powerfulwmn - November 8

Oh yeah! The best bread ever is Udi's white sandwich bread. I find it at New Seasons and Whole Foods; I've tried many breads, but they aren't like the bread we know and love. I had almost given up on bread altogether when I discovered this one. You don't even have to toast it like many other rice breads, and it makes a killer grilled soy cheese sammich! :)


Karkel - December 18

Wow I just posted something just like this...didn't see this topic..I to would like to know if changing diet really helps.


lacey - March 11

potato. potato. potato.

I sort of recall a friend of mine ( who has bad rheumatiod arth) telling me if she ate potato it seemed to make her ache more.

Also my dad said tomatoes make his arthritis more painful.

So maybe those two foods could be possible for making fibro aches and pains worse too. Gee it's a thought. And I had potato chips at macca's yesterday and potato salad with tea last night and my arm has been aching all night and still is.



January - March 16

Hi - there is a class of plants called the nightshades - potatoes and tomatoes belong to this, and in susceptible people they do cause allergic reactions, including joint pain.

Google "nightshade"



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