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Safe fruits with fibro
7 Replies
m.e. - August 18

Hi, since I am having to give up all other guilty pleasures for fibro (sugar, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, running, staying up late etc.), I was wondering what fruits most of you find to be okay and not impact the condition. I am trying to eat more fruit. But I have been reading that some are considered high in sugar and wondered if you had good or bad results with eating any. Also, is raw honey okay with fibro??--I hear it has so many benefits. Hard to give up all this stuff...makes me feel a bit defiant/resentful/rebellious. I wonder how people with diabetes do this! Thanks for any info....


solanadelfina - August 24

Hello, I have to watch my sugar intake but love my fruits as well. I understand about wanting to be rebellious, but oh, how our bodies do punish us for being naughty!

Dried fruits, unfortunately, go on the no-no list due to the higher ratio of sugar. (Raisins and prunes would also apply.) I personally have a lot of trouble with fresh grapes and bananas.

Berries are great for us, since they're high in antioxidants and relatively lower in sugar compared to others.

I think a lot of the rest depend on acidity concerns. I eat apples, oranges, peaches, cherries, and just about everything else. When I want a treat, I'll grab one of those white-fleshed peaches and almost forget that chocolate exists. ;)

My line of thinking in the food thing is that if fibro is going to take away some foods, I'll fight back by searching for new combinations and exotic foods to refill the palate. :)


bbass - August 26

Nutritionist said oranges and cirtus cause inflamation.


bmcgovern - November 11

I have really bad stomach acid and i really can't eat any fruits they all make me sick so i just have to take my multi vitamins, but one fruit that is ok on my is Mangos and Pomegranates.


Canada17 - November 11

My doctor gave me a list of foods to avoid, on that list were the following fruits:

lime, lemon, tomatoes, grapefruit, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, kiwi fruit, and cranberries.

The culprits are sugar and acid.

My mom has diabetes, and she doesn't do it, she refuses to take care of herself properly and blames anyone who calls her on it. She gives us the excuse that she has to keep her blood sugar levels elevated just in case her body naturally produces some insulin. Then she tells us that she can't exercise because her sugar levels are at a point that exercise would make them go higher. That is the worst excuse I have ever heard because it is just an excuse.

What I find very interesting is that a study was released yesterday that proves high sugar foods can be addictive. It makes perfect sense why we crave the high sugar foods and why we need to eat more and more to get pleasure out of it. It also explains why people like my mom, (who has an addictive personality) have such a hard time resisting high sugar foods.


Peterbolen - April 12

I had a food intolarance done,and I find Citrus fruits,apples all nuts wheat,barley (but not oats)pepper/spices and tomatoes and house dust. I am intolerent to and can bring on my symptoms on


bmcgovern - April 12

Hi m.e.,
I have had to give up a lot of fruits because my stomach gets acidic easily. I eat Apples, Bananas, Blueberries, Pears, Avocados. Avocados are a fruit. I make sandwiches with these or avocado dip. I have used honey and its ok with me. I make peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I hoped this helped. I can't eat to much fruit but this is what i can eat.
Good Luck.


JudyV - November 29

Hi, please can someone give me some advice, my doc is great, and she has tried to help me with my condition, i have fibro and osteoarthritis. I am taking Cymbalta 6omg, Zanax 1mg slow release, trepiline at night and tramadol 100mg three times a day. I experience stiffness and have excruciating pain in my back. I have an ulcer, which is aggravated by all the meds and i loose so much blood which is caused by the meds acting on my stomach. I have iron deficiency and my iron levels were as low as 8 when i was admitted to hospital for blood infusion. This is the see -saw i am on, i want to stop the meds, but, i cannot handle the pain. so i am in a catch twenty situation. I am at the stage now where i eat very little, but, i am overweight due to the cymbalta and trepiline. Does anyone think that a clean diet and drinking loads of proper clean water can be more beneficial in terms of controlling the pain as opposed to medication? Has anyone tried to manage their condition with a corrective eating protocol and exercise. Besides which i cannot work, as i have good days and then really bad, bad days where i just stay in bed and dont move, i am also going through menopause, i think, since i ha a hysterectomy three years ago, and i am always feeling extremely hot, it feels as if i am burning up from the inside. I just cannot go on like this, the medication is so expensive, and since not being employed i cannot afford medical aid insurance, and i live in South Africa, which, trust me, you dont want to experience the government health care ,you could very well die from going into these hospitals.



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