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newbie trying anti inflamatory diet
4 Replies
bbass - April 28

I have been on a diet called the anti-inflamatory diet for a few months now. Has anyone had sucess with that diet? It's an elimination diet that has helped with swelling and some of the pain. No sugar (except stevia and xylitol) no wheat no dairy (goat's milk maybe ok) no soy no corn no oil (except olive oil) no red meat no high sugar fruit. It helps but is hard to be that strict. Anyone else on that diet? the nutritionist put me on it.


txplowgirl - May 4

Hi bbass,
Yes maam, I am, and yes it is strict. But I have found out that it does help with the pain, IBS and my sleep. I have been on it for about 2 months now. The good side to this is that i've lost about 20 lbs now without even trying. I was so busy concentrating on trying not to hurt with this that the pounds just seem to melt off.
Now, with me the xylitol gives me diarreah. The stevia dosen't taste sweet to me at all. I use splenda, and I don't have a problem with that.
Anyway, have a pain free day, bye


axxie - May 6

Hi bbass, I'm sort of on a the same diet, except sometimes I cheat. If I don't go overboard with the cheating, my body wont show any signs of disagreement. But if I go overboard on too many things that is off the list, then my body comes stressed and I feel it and then it's bad.

I have been on this diet now for the last three months or so, somedays I can stay clear of anything that will trigger my points other days I suffer for two days because I had a cola or had a coffee. Then I suffer for it and I remember why I'm not suppose to have the foods that I'm not suppose to eat.

Yes it tough but think how well you feel when you are good to your body.


chaplin - May 14

Is there a website with more detailed info about this diet. I have joint inflammation and graves disease (thyroid disease) I have been treated with radiation for the thyroid and now with all the meds and being on steroids for over 3 months I have put on some weight. I have tried to cut out sugar and lower sodium because I have been told that it will help but I have not been given a detailed list of things to stay away from. Just from reading on the internet I have realized that I should probably have a better understanding of what food to stay away from. I have tried stevia and can't stand the after taste so I am looking for alternatives. I will ask my dr. but don't see him for another 3 weeks so I thought I'd ask.
I really appreciate all the advice. I am new at this and am trying to get a better understanding of things. It helps to hear from people who have been through this.


pgc - May 25

Please tell me what the anti-inflamatory diet is. I tried to look it up on the Internet, but found many references, and all different. Which one did the nutritionist put you on please. I need help.



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