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Lactose Intolerance with Fibro?
18 Replies
Amber54843 - July 30

Wow, thats wierd, I would have never thought that! I think I have been developing fibromyalgia for a couple years and the last 5 to 6 months it's just got me down and out! The last month or so, though, I have noticed that when I drink milk or eat any kind of dairy I get heart burn, upset stomach and gas. I would have never thought of that had I not seen that on here. I think i am gonna hold off on dairy for a while. Ugh I ate a bowl of ceareal this morning too! What was I thinking!?


mash85 - August 23

Hi, I saw that a few of you mentioned your symptoms, but not all of you. I'm curious what your "flare up" symptoms are when you eat dairy. My mom and sister both became lactose intolerant about 5 years ago (now my sister can't eat a single bite of it) and I have been slightly intolerant for a few years as well, but mostly just a little gas. Lately I've been having chest pain. I was diagnosed with chostocondritis about 11 months ago (I had chest pain and went to the ER), but after a few weeks it had fully gone away. This was shortly before my diagnosis of fibro, but about 5 months after my symptoms started (first was hand, then foot pain). I really don't like my primary care doctor so I try to avoid her, and my rheumatologist said that I should get the new chest pain checked out just to be sure (but he's booked up for over a month). I've never had heartburn but it's very likely that's what I'm feeling. As someone addicted to cheese (even when it started giving me an upset stomach) I have a very difficult time giving it up completely but have a sneaking suspicion that's what's causing the chest pain/heartburn. It comes and goes throughout the day but I have noticed that I usually don't get it until after I've eaten dairy that day (I don't wake up with it). It's usually in the middle of my chest, sometimes on the side(s), but I don't feel any other symptoms with it (I can breathe, swallow, etc fine). My fibro symptoms also like to change every month or two, so first it was the hand pain, then migraines, then neck pain, then swollen glands, now in my chest (sadly I think stomach pain might be next).

Also my sister (now a vegan) has an amazing recipe for this nut cheese (made with cashews) which makes amazing nachos, mac and cheese, etc. and is made with mostly veggies and spices. Sadly, I am afraid I might have the same reaction to nuts as I have to dairy. Will be happy to post the recipe if anyone is interested though. I hate the fake tasting stuff but this is amazing.


Nanama46 - December 30

I agree I am a cheese lover and I swear everything in the world in mate with cheese. But I have had to stop eating it, it was blotting me and causing pain. I was very uncomfortable even for with my fibro. But now I am learning that my smells and sounds have a factor in my fibro now too



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