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Is soy really bad for fibro?
6 Replies
m.e. - August 23

Not sure on this one. With so many "interesting" foods taken out of our diet, I eat soy yogurt every day. But I keep reading that soy is not good for fibro...I wonder why. Anyone know if soy is truly bad for us?


Fantod - August 25

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about soy. In some people, it appears to enhance the inflammation response. There is information about this available on the Internet. You mostly hear about the "good" things soy is supposed to do as opposed to the the bad things.

Personally, I used to drink soy milk in place of regular dairy products. My mother, who is well versed in preventative health, asked me to stop to see if it made a difference. My pain level improved as a result of not using soy. As a result, I would not recommend soy to anyone and especially someone with Fibromyalgia (FMS). Take care.


bbass - August 26

my nutritionist recommended eliminating soy along with many other things. I did notice an improvement avoiding soy...I like others was living on the stuff because of being lactose intolerant. It did help my feet pain when I quit soy. Now I use goat's milk. It works pretty well for me.


mimosette - August 27

If you have low thyroid and take meds for that, soy prevents your body from absorbing them.Learned that when I was a vegetarian and ate a lot of soy.


reychel - January 28

Dear m.e.

I have been vegan for more than 10 years now and I have fibro for 17. Being a vegan did help with my pain in general and I never had a "bad experience" with soy. If you want to change it anyways you can have coconut milk yogurt, the only one I know its from So Delicious. They also make Ice Cream.

Hope it helps.


Regina_Davies - July 16

Hola :)
I'm eating soy quite frequently, but I really don't feel any aftereffects at all. But I guess it's quite personal, and for anyone depends on his own body!


Emilyette - September 2

The majority of soy is GMO and has a lot of glyphosate. Not good for anyone. Soy is only good it if is organic and fermented, but even then it's full of estrogen, so you may not want that.



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