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Iron deficiency
6 Replies
JJ - January 8

Anyone with FMS also have problems with iron absorption/iron deficiency. I had to get an IV injection of iron about 2 years ago and found my levels are dropping again. I also have Pica, an insatiable desire to chew ice which is commonly associated with anemia.


Jean - January 8

Hi JJ: It sounds like your doctors are keeping up the pace and that is good.


axxie - January 23

I used to take iron, and I found it help me but then at that time I didn't have fibro.

I have take a shot of vit B12 monthly and was told to continue with a multivitamin, my gp and neuro all suggested marterna, only after a few days of not taking it do I notice the difference.

I also take green it's for energy it does help and glocosomine for my bones, it seem to help.


mimosette - July 14

I got very anemic last winter, and had to take prescription iron pills. MAN they were huge !

I really do enjoy crunching ice. I am 43, and just now have a wisdom tooth trying to erupt after no problems ever, so I am really craving my ice.9can't crunch it, it hurts the gum) So I guess I'd better get back on the Iron.


fibrofreaked - August 4

I just found out that I was anemic as well as having fibro. My daughter is an LPN and diagnosed me long before my doc. I took a list of symptoms and doctors I have seen in the past few years. I couldn't walk a flight of stairs or sing along to a song without getting winded. I have been taking iron for about 4 weeks and I feel much better and can breathe again.


achyellie - September 17

I have had iron deficiency anemia on and off for about 7 years, found out about fibro about 3 years ago. I have iron infusions about 2x a year for the anemia. I must say fibro and life in gereral is so much better when I am not anemic. In my experience by the time I am chewing on ice, iron levels are way too low and its time for an infusion again.


Kristina17 - October 30

Hi JJ,
I've had chronic iron deficiency anaemia for years and iron tablets don't work because yes I don't absorb any iron at all. I get IV iron infusions whenever my iron gets too low. You will notice your iron will go down more too if you take aspirin or anti-inflammatories of any sort as well because that lowers iron. I have a great haematologist so my iron stuff is getting sorted out. Hope you get some more answers soon.




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